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Trustworthy AI in Financial Services: A Must for Growth (Money20/20)

This article explores the transformative potential of Generative AI in financial services. It highlights the importance of building trust through robust governance frameworks and compliance with regulations like the EU's AI Act. Industry expert insights from Money20/20 and IBM showcase best practices for responsible AI development.

KOBIL JUN 10, 2024
Digital Identity
Unlock Hyperpersonalization & Privacy with Portable Identity (Money20/20)

This article explores the concept of portable identities and their potential to revolutionize the digital world. Experts from Money20/20 discuss the benefits of portable IDs for both users and businesses, emphasizing hyper-personalization, privacy, and inclusivity.

KOBIL JUN 09, 2024
Digital Identity
Secure Healthcare Transformation: Digital ID Wallets Unlock a New Era

Imagine a healthcare system where your medical records follow you & appointments are a breeze. Digital ID Wallets make it possible! Learn how they unlock a new era of secure & seamless healthcare:

KOBIL APR 25, 2024
OneApp4All™: Your Unified Hub for Enhanced Collaboration and Security

OneApp4All™ is a unified digital platform that streamlines collaboration, communication, and workflow across various industries.

KOBIL MAR 28, 2024
Digital Identity
GenAI's Impact on identity verification process: Friend or Foe? | KOBIL Blog

Is GenAI a friend or foe for secure identity verification? Discover AI-powered solutions & KOBIL's liveness detection to combat synthetic fraud. Stay secure!

KOBIL MAR 21, 2024
Global SuperApp Trend Report is Now Live!

Uncover the global Super App phenomenon with our FREE 2023 report. Explore trends, regional impact, industry disruption, and investment insights. Discover how Super Apps are reshaping the digital landscape for individuals & businesses. Learn about AI, blockchain, AR/VR, and other technologies powering the future.

KOBIL MAR 6, 2024
Digital Identity
KOBIL™ Secure: World-Leading Application Shielding Library

Explore KOBIL™ Secure's world-leading application shielding library. Our identity-powered security and patented Dual-14-Layers-of-Security approach ensure unparalleled protection. Explore the extensive protection list, including code protection, strong encryption, and real-time threat defense. Safeguard your digital interactions in the connected age with KOBIL.

KOBIL FEB 08, 2024
Digital Identity
EUID Wallet: Transforming Electronic Identification and Services in Europe

As we navigate an increasingly digital world, the quest for a strong and smart digital identity becomes paramount.

KOBIL JAN 30, 2024
Digital Identity
How to Protect Your Business with KYC: A Step-by-Step Guide

In an era where digital transformation is driving the financial industry, keeping up with evolving customer expectations and cyber threats is paramount.

KOBIL OCT 12, 2023
Super App
Transforming Istanbul's Digital Landscape: The Success of Single Sign-On in Istanbul Senin SuperApp

In the bustling metropolis of Istanbul, a digital revolution is underway, and at the forefront of this transformation is Istanbul Senin SuperApp.

KOBIL SEP 28, 2023
Super App
KOBIL Identity: Empowering a Secure and Seamless Digital Ecosystem

Experience KOBIL Identity's secure digital ecosystems and innovative solutions for identity management, robust security, and user control. Embrace the future.

KOBIL AUG 1, 2023
Super App
How can businesses streamline their digital transformation through a unified SuperApp experience?

SuperApp: Streamline your business, delight customers, and unlock growth. Demo KOBIL SuperApp now.

KOBIL JUL 18, 2023
Super App
SuperApps for Banking: Enhancing Security and Customer Experience

Revolutionize Your Banking Experience: SuperApps for Enhanced Security and Seamless Customer Journeys

KOBIL JUN 5, 2023
Super App
KOBIL SuperApp Platform: Transforming The Digital Healthcare Experience

Redefining patient engagement: Explore the innovative KOBIL SuperApp platform for digital healthcare.

KOBIL MAY 30, 2023
Super App
KOBIL's SuperApp Platform: Streamlining Financial Management for Banks

Revolutionary financial management for banks with KOBIL's Secure Superapp Platform. Let's discover how to catch operational excellence and...

KOBIL MAY 25, 2023
Super App
The Future of SuperApps: Unleashing the Power of Seamless Integration

In recent years, the concept of SuperApps has emerged as a transformative force in the digital landscape. SuperApps are mobile applications that offer a wide range of services and features within a single platform

KOBIL MAY 23, 2023
Super App
SuperApps and Cybersecurity : Enhancing Convenience while Protecting Privacy

Explore the concept of Super Apps, their benefits, and the importance of cybersecurity in this blog post. Discover how Super Apps like the Istanbul...

KOBIL MAY 18, 2023
Thriving in the Ecosystem Economy: The Role of Superapps

Explore AI TRiSM and how businesses can create secure foundations via data value, and protect their brand while leveraging the transformative power...

KOBIL APR 25, 2023
AI TRiSM: The Key to Building Trust and Driving Success in AI Adoption

Explore AI TRiSM and how businesses can create secure foundations via data value, and protect their brand while leveraging the transformative power...

KOBIL APR 11, 2023
How the Latest Payment Directive Will Impact Your Business ?

Discover the future of payments in Europe with our latest blog post on PSD3. Learn about the key changes and how they could impact your business.

KOBIL APR 5, 2023
Super App
Super App Use Cases for Banking

Consumer expectations are changing, especially in the banking industry. Learn how super apps allow banks to remain competitive and successful.

KOBIL Nov 11, 2022
Super App
The Inevitable Rise of Super Apps

Learn more about the inevitable rise of Super Apps in our blog today, which includes real use case examples from Turkey.

KOBIL Nov 11, 2022
Super App
What is Super App Technology, and How Does it Affect Business Models?

A super app goes beyond offering users a variety of features and functions. Learn more about super app technology and its impact on businesses today!

KOBIL Nov 10, 2022
Super App
4 Ways Super Apps Can Enhance Your Fintech Business

Here's what your fintech business needs to know about super apps and their benefits to your customers and your bottom line.

KOBIL Nov 9, 2022
Super App
SuperApp: The Future of Mobile Applications

New challenges emerge as the number of mobile apps increase. Overcome these challenges by consolidating into a new app: in other words, a Super App.