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KOBIL enables you to rapidly build your ecosystem with integrated KOBIL Secure TM identity, communication, payment, and Super App solutions.


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Istanbul Superapp, the World's First Secure City SuperApp, is one year old!

In its first year, Istanbul Senin, empowered by KOBIL Secure City SuperApp Technology, reached nearly 2 million users. With more than 50 mini-apps, users have a unique experience.

Istanbul Super app has an inspirational model for other major cities worldwide, letting the local ecosystem open new business models to create new services & revenue streams.

Dream big.

Grow with minimum development and marketing costs

Think big.

Adapt to the new era with new digital capabilities

Act bigger.

Build your own ecosystem

KOBIL SHIFT is an all-in-one suite of platform technologies, with high-secure digital identity at the core, empowering businesses to drive future-fit and sustainable growth via platform business models.

KOBIL SHIFT provides a fully-integrated spring-board to amplify your business.

One Platform
to Secure All

It is crucial to facilitate all your business processes with the highest security standards. Whether it’s payment or communication, only trusted digital identities can meet your customer’s expectations. KOBIL delivers products and solutions for secure interaction, communication, and collaboration.

Have a look at our products. We are here to help your business to thrive.

A low-code, modular and KOBIL Secure TM super app – means as ready to use app or as development framework, that allows you to build a single platform with additional mini-apps to offer a wide range of features that are proven to super-charge the customer experience in a trusted market.

One App One Login One User Experience Many Services

We help build trust with customers through our patented high-security digital identity solutions.

  • Verify Identities
  • Secure and One Identity on all Platforms
  • Secure Personal Information
  • Remote Account Opening
  • Data protection
  • Shielded SuperApp
  • Remote Account Open
  • Trusted Digital Identity
  • One-Identity for all Micro Services
  • Transaction Signature

We enable simple, effective, responsive, and secure interactions.

  • Quick and safe interaction within the platform
  • Your own secure message system
  • E-sign Documents
  • Own instant Messaging & Interaction P2P
  • Broadcast to dedicated user & groups
  • Chatbot to automate workflows S2P & P2S
  • Send & Share Documents
  • Request & Sign Documents

We offer a powerful and secure payment framework to facilitate complex transactions with ease.

  • Secure and quick payment
  • Support and Integration to most Payment Methods
  • Seamless user experience
  • Prevent fraud
Trusted by more than 5000+ companies and 60M+ users for 35+ years.