Identity and Beyond: Discover the KOBIL SuperApp Platform

Start with our secure Identity solution and unlock the power of our highly secure all-in-one multisided platform. Welcome to the future of the digital ecosystem.

Trusted by more than 5000+ companies and 100M+ users for 35+ years.

Orchestrate any journey experience with
KOBIL Identity

KOBIL Identity is a secure foundation for managing user identities and building trust in your digital ecosystem.


Protect every interaction and process with our patented high-security digital identity and access management solutions.


Ensure global compliance and non-repudiation with KOBIL IDENTITY's Customer Identity and Access Management.


Maintain full control over access levels and consent management through KOBIL's high-security ID-Vault.

Engage customers through immediate and committed interactions with

Everyone’s focus in one place, with everything you need to keep it on track.


End-to-end encryption and Identity-Bound Security processing, ensuring all your communications remain private, protected, and accessible only to authorized users.

Non Repudiation

Experience the convenience and security of signing, approving, and sending digital documents anywhere, any time, using a unique signing process based on Secure Digital Identity Bound Processing Technology.


Enhance teamwork and drive innovation by connecting employees, customers, partners, and suppliers through KOBIL Chat&Sing's seamless, secure, and flexible platform, designed to support real-time interactions and effortless collaboration.

Grow your revenues with
KOBIL Paygate

Elevate your transactions with KOBIL Pay, featuring secure identity-bound solutions, seamless integration, versatile payment options, and enhanced user experience for both customers and merchants.


KOBIL Pay employs identity-bound wallet technology and complies with PSD2 requirements, ensuring the highest level of security for all transactions.


Customers can make fast and easy payments with just one click. This feature streamlines the checkout process, making it faster and more convenient for customers to complete their transaction.


Manage all their payment methods and loyalty cards in one place. With this feature, customers can easily add, edit, and delete payment methods and loyalty cards, as well as view their transaction history and balance..

Supercharge your business with
KOBIL SuperApp Platform

KOBIL Super App platform is designed to facilitate low-code deployment of a Super App. Deploy anywhere in one click without specialized expertise. Integrate third-party merchants’ services into your ecosystem.


Open a world of opportunities for your business by easily integrating your existing system into the platform.


Let your business and partners leverage APIs to effortlessly benefit from built-in features and functionalities offered by the platform.


In just a few minutes you can integrate numerous ready integrations with no coding and developers needed.

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