Securing Raiffeisen Bank International’s Austrian Strength with World-Class Technology

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No. 2

bank in Austria

1.7 million

mobile banking customers secured


transactions safeguarded

Introducing Raiffeisen Bank International

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is the second largest corporate and investment bank in Austria. It serves 16.5 million corporate customers across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

RBI is supported by more than 47,000 employees working in 2,095 branches. It prides itself on providing a range of high-quality financial products to Austrian and international companies.


RBI’s corporate customer base is both large and diverse. Each segment has distinctive needs and priorities, and trusts RBI for a range of different reasons.

But one thing every RBI customer requires is world-class security. In January 2018, this moved from being a desirable aspect of European banking to a regulatory requirement following the introduction of the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

RBI needed a complete online banking solution to protect corporate and retail banking customers using its CMI Business Banking service. As well as a secure and user-friendly transaction signing experience, it needed:

  • Increased app security
  • Stronger customer authentication
  • PSD2 compliance
  • Better UX through a bulk payment facility


After undertaking a rigorous market analysis, RBI opted to enlist the support of KOBIL's mIDentity platform.

Impressed by mIDentity’s ability to deliver a unique one-app banking solution, RBI moved quickly to implement the high trust, high security and frictionless user experience on offer.

Thanks to KOBIL technology, RBI’s CMI Business Banking customers could enjoy:

  • CMI@Web, a central hub for the processing of worldwide payment transactions and cash management. This international, cross-bank solution is browser-based, modular, and equipped with the highest security standards. It uses two-factor authentication for both entry and authorization.
  • Business Banking app, which enables the signing of payments in a simple and secure manner on any mobile device.


Across Austria, more than 1.7 million RBI mobile banking customers have been protected on every aspect of their usage. Bulk payments have been facilitated and two-factor authentication has been introduced to all its online banking authorizations.

This has delivered increased customer confidence without negatively impacting on the company’s mobile banking user experience.

All RBI mobile banking is now fully compliant with PSD2, enabling the group’s senior leaders to plan for its next stage of development without the ongoing threat of security concerns. In total, more than 300 million mobile banking transactions have been protected through KOBIL's world leading mIDentity technology.