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Global SuperApp Trends 2023: A Comprehensive Report & Analysis

Uncover the transformative power of Super Apps! Download our free 2023 e-book to explore trends, regional impact, industry disruption, and investment insights. Learn how Super Apps are shaping the future of digital experiences.

EU’s Digital ID Wallet Initiative

Explore the EU's Digital ID Wallet Initiative, unveiling secure and user-centric digitization of identities, access, and services. Dive into the impact on Europe's digital sovereignty, discover anticipated benefits

Neo-Banking and Neo-SuperApps

Discover the future of banking in our e-book. Explore Neobanks, Superapps, and the power of secure digital identity in a user-centric age. Unlock insights into the dynamic landscape of modern finance with KOBIL's latest research.

Use Case
Leveraging KOBIL’s Single Sign-On and Consent Management Solutions in Mini-Apps

Read the use case to find out how to implement single sign-on authentication solution within a SuperApp to enable users to access multiple micro services using a single set of login credentials.

Case Study
Introducing Istanbul Senin, a city super app concept.

Empower all stakeholders, boost the local economy, and create lasting bonds with residents.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) launched Turkey's first super app, where residents can easily access all the services they need.

How Super Apps Accelerate Digital Transformation in Banking

Many banks around the world are turning to super apps.

These-all-in-one apps not only allow banks to accelerate their rise to the top of the digital food chain, but they also drive value with their customers.

State of Global Super Apps 2022

Understanding not only how your business can take advantage of super apps to engage users and offer them new services, but also where the industry is heading can be hard to wrap your head around.

Digitalize your signature process with KOBIL

Move your business forward securely and reliably with KOBIL's solution for digital signature and learn how to spend less time and money managing paperwork.

Are you ready for PSD2?

This whitepaper is everything you need to find out about PSD2 regulation, open banking, new opportunities and cyber security in this new digital world.

Meeting GDPR compliance requirements with KOBIL

The key principle of GDPR is the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data which is a fundamental right. See how KOBIL can help you address its requirements.

Learn how to prepare for PSD2 compliance

Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication and secure communication under PSD2 changed the security requirements fundamentally. These requirements are key to achieving the objectives of PSD2. This document will help you to understand how KOBIL fulfils each of those requirements.

Digital identity for Temenos

See why Temenos relies on KOBIL to deliver the world-class security that protects its Temenos T24 core banking system.

How to get compliant with TR-03161 and wow your customers

With the increasing importance of digital services in healthcare, protecting identities and health data is crucial. The BSI has published a new technical guideline, TR-03161, and KOBIL has analysed it in detail – comparing our own security platform with all stated requirements.