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A unique platform journey to unlock your potential, create value for your city, and digital governance for your local government.

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Turkey's first SuperApp

60 Apps

More than 60 apps in SuperApp when launched in 11.2021

Introducing “Istanbul Senin” City SuperApp Concept

Today, Istanbul has a unique social-cultural position in Turkey, and it is considered to be the country’s capital of commerce, business, investment, finance, and tourism. Via its 16 million citizens, Istanbul is an attractive mega-city not only for the regional actors but also for global actors. It is a dynamic, fast-paced, and colorful city.


Istanbul, as the world's 7th largest city and the largest European city, is facing many challenges and opportunities.

In today’s world, global trends such as digitalization, big data, ever-changing citizen needs & expectations, increasing population, and urbanization transform local administrations as well. Local government-citizen interactions are rapidly changing. The local government-citizen relationship transforms from one-way communication to a "co-governance" where citizens directly participate in decision-making.

Local governance approaches that are productive, sharing, innovative, inclusive, protecting all business owners, large and small, and increasing the city's economic value, come to the fore in global competition. Local governments all around the globe compete in Smart Cities, Governance, and Sustainability indexes.​

Likewise, today, citizens are looking for integrated, "all-in-one" and above all "secure" solutions that address their ever-changing needs in their relations with local governments.

Powered by technology, citizens expect more from local governments: unique and easily accessible services, connection building relationships and experiences, authenticity, and transparency.


A next-generation local governance platform with endless possibilities

With its next-generation Secure SuperApplication Technology, KOBIL enables local administrations to provide all their services from a single platform and offer new value-added services through partnerships by establishing their ecosystems.

With KOBIL's technology, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) launched Turkey's first SuperApp, which will be an example and inspiration for other major cities around the world. Istanbul aims to contribute to the fairness, creativity, consistency, transparency, and sustainability of a new vision of the modern city and make the lives of its residents easier.

“Istanbul Senin” (“Istanbul is yours”) is a KOBIL Secure TM SuperApp where the citizens of Istanbul can easily access all the services they need. It is an ecosystem that provides value-added services via synergies created between different stakeholders of Istanbul Municipality within a fully integrated and frictionless end-to-end experience.

From “Söz Senin”, where citizens can contribute to the decision-making processes of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, to the secure wallet that keeps all the necessary cards, from the İSKİ, İSPARK, and İGDAŞ applications where utility payments can be made, to public transportation payments via QR code, “İstanbul Senin” has many features that make life easier.


The new SuperApp “Istanbul Senin” was launched on November 18, 2021, at the Istanbul Convention Center, attended by Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu and the KOBIL Group’s founder and CEO Ismet Koyun.

This ecosystem has been brought into effect with KOBIL SHIFT, which offers KOBIL Secure SuperApp Technology for cities.

KOBIL SHIFT is an all-in-one suite of multi-sided platform technologies, with high-secure digital identity at the core, empowering businesses to drive future-fit and sustainable growth via platform business models.

With high-secure digital identity, connection, and payment at the core, KOBIL's technology is specifically designed to meet all exigencies of establishing a new generation local government platform, capable of possessing endless opportunities and of bringing benefits to all its stakeholders.

Our unique multi-layer patented technology provides highest level of privacy and security, and is always compliant with all relevant norms such as KVKK, GDPR, PSD2.

“Istanbul Senin” Ecosystem

For Citizens
  • Secure, digital identity
  • Mobile access to all municipal services and secure payment with one click
  • Participatory citizenship
  • The sense of belonging and ownership
  • 24/7 service opportunity
  • Welfare
For Local Administrations
  • Holistic management through a single access and payment for all municipal services
  • Predictive, planned, efficient service and additional income with data management
  • Personalized, direct, and effective communication with citizens
  • Participatory, local democracy model
  • The sense of belonging
For the Private Sector
  • Innovative Business Models
  • Effective access to the target audience with meaningful data
  • Infrastructure and platform support
  • Reliable traffic
  • Branding

local governments can:

Provide efficiency and innovation with a holistic digital transformation

Prepare the corporate IT infrastructure of municipalities, subsidiaries, and affiliates for the world of tomorrow.

  • Unique, digital, secure identity
  • Meaningful data management
  • Strong communication, coordination, and collaboration
  • Practical and functional resource use
  • Powerful and efficient business processes
  • Next-generation services
Communicate effectively and create emotional bonds with citizens

Build a people-oriented, new generation participatory democracy platform.

  • Two-way, personalized, instant communication
  • A fast, inclusive, transparent local governance system
  • Equal and effective participation in decision-making processes
  • Increased sense of fellowship and belonging
Grow city economy with network effects

Stimulate the energy, creativity, diversity, and economy of the city.

  • Contribution to the city economy and employment
  • Supporting the city's creative potential and entrepreneurship
  • New sources of income
  • Open innovation
Facilitate access to social services and cooperation

Build a prosperous and sharing city by meeting social needs equally and inclusively.

  • An application that everyone can easily access and use safely
  • Easy, practical, convenient access to municipal services
  • Social assistance and community building
  • Disaster and crisis management
Grow the local economy by supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Leverage start-ups and SMEs by offering an easy-to-access ecosystem.

  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Reputable, reliable traffic provided by the city brand and technology
  • Investor environments (B2B matchmaking, "Kickstarter", crowdsourcing)
  • Branding and reference
  • Opportunity to compete against big players
Municipality services
Municipality and affiliates
Business world and Start-ups

Secure access to endless services in a contactless and frictionless way with a single identity

Electronic Payment
Art and Culture
Virtual Card


Empower all stakeholders, boost local economy, create lasting bonds with citizens