In an age defined by digital interconnectivity, the essential concern is the security of interactions between users and the expansive network of servers that power our daily activities. At the forefront of this cybersecurity battle stands KOBIL, a globally trusted technology company, providing an unparalleled level of protection through its world-leading application shielding library, as a part of KOBIL™ Secure Patented Dual-14-Layers of-Security.

Protecting via Identity-Powered Security

At the heart of KOBIL's security philosophy is the concept of identity-powered (aka Identity-first) security. The intricate dance between client and security server forms the backbone of a robust security infrastructure. The stage for this complex dance in KOBIL is Dual Security Chanel(aka Digitanium Channel), an integral part of 14-Layers of-Security. Every entity involved in this interaction rigorously checks the authenticity of the other, with all interactions being digitally signed (see: transaction signature )

Identity-First Security

  • Mobile
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Personal Devices
  • Cloud
  • Data Center
  • Hybrid Services

Towards cyber-insecurity?

According to Kaspersky Security Network in Q3 2023, The number of malware, adware and unwanted software attacks on mobile devices continued to climb in Q3 2023. In comparison with the same period last year, the number of mobile-related attacks increased 48,2%.


Holistic, Perpetual Security: The Zero Trust Approach

In a world where cyber threats are ever-evolving, KOBIL's approach is holistic, embodying the principles of Zero Trust. This entails prioritizing the security of every component, including devices, applications, channels, identities, and wallets. The aim is to eliminate blind trust in any entity and verify each interaction rigorously.

The World's Largest Application Shielding Library

KOBIL's particularity lies in having the world's largest application shielding library, a comprehensive arsenal of security measures designed to safeguard against a myriad of cyber threats. Application shielding, as a crucial branch of Identity-Powered Security approach, represents persistent protection capabilities through ongoing shielding areas such as prediction, prevention, response, and detection.

Here's a detailed look at the protection list that forms the fortress of security features:
🛡️ Code Protection and Encryption

KOBIL shields security-sensitive code against reverse engineering, employs strong encryption techniques, and ensures secure storage for sensitive data such as cryptographic keys.

🛡️ Separation of Power and Holistic Approach

The "separation of power" principle ensures a clear distinction between server and client, while a holistic approach combines shielding, identity verification, and secure processes for a comprehensive defense.

🛡️ Strong Authentication and Transaction Security

KOBIL implements multi-factor authentication methods, including biometrics, PKI-based transaction signature, and certificate pinning to fortify the authentication process.

🛡️ Real-time Monitoring and Threat Defense

Through features like in-app threat defense, real-time app monitoring, and alerting, KOBIL keeps a vigilant eye on application behavior, promptly detecting and removing malicious activities.

🛡️ Device and Environment Protection

Jailbreak and rooting detection, emulator detection, and device binding technologies ensure the application's resilience against unauthorized access and malicious environments.

🛡️ Continuous Improvement and Risk Management

Auto expiry and software lifecycle management, integration with customer risk management, and the identification of attack trends as a service contribute to a proactive and ever-evolving security posture.

🛡️ Communication Security

Secure communication channels, dynamic public key pinning, and encryption technologies protect data in transit, mitigating the risk of interception.

World Leading, Comprehensive Protection List

KOBIL's application shielding library extends its protective embrace with an extensive protection list that includes:

  • Protect security-sensitive code against reverse engineering
  • Strong Encryption
  • Secure storage for sensitive data (such as keys)
  • Separation of power between server and client
  • Holistic approach (shielding, identity, and secure process)
  • Domain binding
  • Protection against phishing attacks
  • Obfuscation of sensitive application parts
  • Anti key-logging
  • Transaction Signature using Certificates
  • Certificate pinning
  • Trusted communication channels
  • Auto expiry & SW Lifecycle
  • Monitor & control execution of app, attack & data exfiltration
  • Data logging exfiltration protection
  • Device fingerprinting
  • RASP
  • Anti-Tap jacking
  • Touch-filtering
  • Multiple authentication methods incl. biometric
  • Removal of test data and unsecure techniques
  • Identify attack trend as service
  • Debugger and emulation detection
  • Dynamic public key pinning
  • Secure in-app keypad
  • Anti-screenshot
  • White Cryption
  • White boxing
  • Anti-debugger (dynamic analysis)
  • Device binding
  • Jailbreak & rooting-detection
  • Emulator detection
  • App Integrity check
  • Malware protection
  • In-app threat defence
  • Real-time app monitoring & alerting
  • Detect & remove malicious injection in real-time
  • Call-back function for runtime monitoring
  • Memory manipulation
  • Emulator & memory hacking
  • Privilege escalation and malware detection
  • Integration with customer risk-management
  • Secure communication
  • Virtual machine detection
  • Encryption
  • Backgrounding
  • Risk- Management Server (Backend)

As cyber insecurity and vulnerabilities come up more and more and the rise of the mobile-powered business models in a world where millions of mobile attacks are launched daily, KOBIL's commitment to identity-first security shines through. The world's largest application shielding library acts as a digital shield, protecting against a vast array of threats. As we navigate the complexities of the connected age, KOBIL stands as a guardian, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital interactions, thereby fortifying the very foundation of our interconnected world.


KOBIL is a global technology company focusing on secure digital identity and all-in-one multi-sided platform technologies. Since 1986, as a trusted Identity partner, KOBIL has been playing a vital role in the development of new encryption standards for identity-first security and regulatory-compliant solutions. Offering cutting-edge solutions for application shielding, user authentication, transaction authorization, and more, KOBIL is a market pioneer in digital identity and mobile security management. With over 500 employees worldwide, KOBIL is trusted by 5000+ stakeholders from banks to SMEs and start-ups, including the world's largest and most trusted organizations like the German Government,Raiffeisen, Erste, ING, Airbus,DATEV, Migrosand Siemens. KOBIL's recent innovation uniting all identity talents within a SuperApp platform highlight its commitment to compliance and innovation. KOBIL GmbH is the most visionary and market-leading provider of secure data technology solutions, with over 100+ million end users benefiting from its solutions. It operates in five headquarters—Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, the USA, and the UK—providing future-proofed projects and tech solutions across the world.