Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Security During a Five-Year Partnership with ING

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mobile banking customers protected


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fraud cases during five years of digital security partnership

Introducing ING

ING is a global bank serving almost 40 million customers in more than 40 countries. It is particularly strong in Europe, where a customer base of approximately 9.3 million makes it the third largest direct bank in Germany.

Its popular retail products in Germany include savings, payments, investments, loans and mortgages, while ING Wholesale Banking serves the country’s largest corporations, multinationals and financial institutions.

ING Group’s shares are listed in New York, Brussels and Amsterdam, the home of its headquarters. It is one of Europe’s top 10 companies by revenue.


Following the introduction of the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in January 2018, ING needed to ensure the ongoing regulatory performance of all aspects of its banking service.

With mobile and internet banking taking an increasingly large share of all banking activity, ING recognized the need for powerful and robust security measures. Improved app security, strong customer authentications and secure transaction authorizations were all key concerns.


KOBIL has been ING’s digital security partner since 2014.

During that time ING’s faith and recognition in our world-class technology has grown every day, so it knew immediately where to turn as it moved to ensure its compliance with PSD2.

In 2014, we worked alongside ING to help it introduce a two-app approach across its mobile and internet banking. We developed a second hardened app – SmartSecure – in which ING customers confirmed their transactions. ING’s mobile banking app even switched users automatically to the SmartSecure app whenever it was necessary.

With KOBIL provided application shielding, strong customer authentication, transaction authorization and 3D Secure (to replace SMS), this approach ensured full compliance with all relevant regulations.

Three years later, in 2017, ING pivoted to a one app, one device approach. Our new ‘Banking to Go’ app replaced the SmartSecure app, making ING’s mobile banking even faster and easier.

Our world-class security technology, including our Smart Security Management Server, PKI-based authentication, end-to-end encryption through our Digitanium channel, and our virtual smart card technology, was wholly adopted by ING.

Together, they ensured PSD2 compliance, integrating all security measures into a single app and continuing to deliver application shielding, strong customer authentication, transaction authorization and 3D Secure.

Together, these ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity at all times. The ‘Banking to Go’ app provides high levels of trust and security, along with a frictionless user experience.