KOBIL Opens Its 2nd R&D Center

KOBIL, a Germany-based company providing technology, payment, identity security, and Secure SuperApp solutions to many countries around the world, has launched its second R&D Center in Kozyatağı following Pendik Teknokent. Having increased its R&D expenses by 5 and its R&D revenue by 7 times in the last 3 years, KOBIL develops innovative solutions for global markets in its R&D centers. In addition to having 3 scientific publications and 13 patents, the company collaborates with significant universities in Turkey and abroad. KOBIL, a Germany-based information security company founded in 1986, has received approval for its second R&D Center. After Pendik Teknokent, KOBIL has activated the Kozyatağı R&D Center and is developing innovative technologies in the software field with a 65-person R&D team. The company has collaborations with TU Darmstadt, TU Würzburg in Germany, Istanbul University, Istanbul Commerce University, Kocaeli University, and TÜBİTAK in Turkey, as well as 3 scientific publications and 13 patents. KOBIL currently has 1 new patent application and 6 ongoing scientific projects.

Turkey is an R&D center for us

In his assessment of the approval of the second R&D center, İsmet Koyun, the Founder and CEO of KOBIL, said, "Since we adopt an on-site R&D center approach, the majority of our employees consist of research and development engineers. We also receive consultancy from many renowned academics who have become world leaders in their fields. We conduct research on topics such as behavioral biometrics, cryptography, and machine learning. Additionally, we provide support to universities in terms of technical expertise and human resources. We offer the solutions and products we develop in our R&D centers to international markets. We consider Turkey not just a market but also a production base because we have two R&D centers here."

Contributing to national technology initiatives

Stating that technology development is a matter of national development and that companies have a great responsibility in this regard, Koyun continued, "R&D centers will have a significant impact on Turkey's future. Thanks to these centers, institutions offer great opportunities to young people, contribute to the production of high-value technology and added value, and strengthen Turkey's international competitiveness in the field of technology. With our second R&D center and the support we provide to initiatives, we aim to contribute to national technology initiatives. We continue to develop our pioneering technology with the goal of making Turkey one of the leading technology producers in the world."

36 years of research, development, and patent culture

Highlighting that continuous improvement and agile management are the key requirements for global competitiveness, İsmet Koyun said, "Our 36-year culture of research, development, and patenting forms the basis of the success in setting global standards for our existing products and enables us to compete in every region of the world. The contribution of young people is immense in this regard. For example, in the team that has achieved the goal of creating the world's most secure SuperApp, we have engineers from many regions of the world, including Turkey. Therefore, the creativity and energy of young people are an indispensable part of our innovation processes. As we shape the next 100 years together with our young people, we strengthen our innovative approaches and maintain our sustainable leading position in the industry."


Since 1986, KOBIL GmbH has been revolutionizing security solutions as a leading technology provider. Offering cutting-edge solutions for application shielding, user authentication, transaction authorization, and more, KOBIL is a market pioneer in digital identity and mobile security management. With over 500 employees worldwide, KOBIL is trusted by 5000+stakeholders from banks to SMEs and start-ups. KOBIL plays a vital role in the development of new encryption standards and has been recognized as a sample vendorin five Gartner Hype Cycles. KOBIL's solutions are trusted by some of the world's largest organizations, including the German Government,Raiffeisen, Erste, ING, Airbus, DATEV, Migrosand Siemens.KOBIL's recent innovation uniting all identity talents within a SuperApp platform highlights its commitment to compliance and innovation. KOBIL GmbH is the most visionary and market-leading provider of secure data technology solutions, with over 100+ million end users benefiting from its solutions.

Further information:
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