KOBIL team at FINTEX SUMMIT 2023 !

KOBIL, a leading provider of digital identity and secure SuperApp Platform, recently concluded its role as a general sponsor at the highly anticipated FINTEX SUMMIT 2023. The event brought together prominent figures from the fintech industry and showcased KOBIL's commitment to revolutionizing mobile banking and financial services technology in Azerbaijan. KOBIL's SuperApp Platform revolutionizes the digital finance landscape in Azerbaijan by offering a diverse range of services, including banking, payments, investments, and more, all within a single, integrated application.

During the summit, KOBIL had the opportunity to engage with numerous individuals who played an instrumental role in shaping the country's financial landscape.

"As ABA, we are excited to collaborate with KOBIL, leveraging their extensive solutions and proven expertise across 20 countries. We firmly believe that their contributions will be invaluable to the growth and advancement of Azerbaijan's fintech ecosystem. Together, we will provide unparalleled support and reinforce our partnership for mutual success." Yunus Abdulov, CEO at Azerbaijan Banks Association.

“As we embrace the ever-evolving digital landscape, we must acknowledge the emergence of new disruptors, visionary technology firms that passionately pioneer digital solutions and elevate the very essence of the banking experience into the realms of digital mastery.” Zaur Alakbarov, Adviser to the Chairman of the Management board at International Bank of Azerbaijan.

Now that the event has concluded, KOBIL is set to foster a thriving fintech ecosystem within Azerbaijan. By enlarging its community and forging new partnerships, KOBIL aims to spearhead the creation of a new digital finance world, offering cutting-edge solutions that serve both businesses and individuals, prioritizing high-quality identity and security.

Central to KOBIL's vision is the commitment to deliver a flawless customer experience. Through its innovative framework for Azerbaijani banks, KOBIL intends to empower financial institutions to offer secure and user-friendly digital services. This framework incorporates robust security measures, ensuring that sensitive financial data remains protected from cyber threats.

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to be a part of FINTEX SUMMIT 2023 and engage with industry leaders who share our passion for transforming the digital finance landscape in Azerbaijan and Turkic nations. The event showcased a shared vision for shaping the future of banking in our countries, serving as an inspiration to numerous stakeholders in the industry. Such initiatives will undoubtedly enhance technological collaboration between Turkey and Azerbaijan, thus elevating our international competitiveness on a global scale" said a representative from KOBIL. – Dilara Koyun, VP Channel and Partner Management at KOBIL GmbH.

"We are committed to invest in Azerbaijan and leveraging our expertise to drive innovation, create secure digital identities, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences." Onur Kartal, Chief Commercial Officer at KOBIL GmbH.

As part of its commitment to the Azerbaijani market, KOBIL will continue to invest in the country, collaborating with local stakeholders to foster digital transformation in the financial sector. By working hand in hand with banks and financial institutions, KOBIL seeks to establish Azerbaijan as a regional hub for cutting-edge fintech solutions.

In conclusion, KOBIL's participation as a general sponsor at FINTEX SUMMIT 2023 marks a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize the digital finance landscape in Azerbaijan. With an emphasis on enlarging its community, creating a robust fintech ecosystem, and delivering flawless customer experiences, KOBIL is poised to drive the country's digital transformation forward. As they continue to invest in Azerbaijan, KOBIL remains committed to empower financial institutions and individuals alike, ushering in a new era of secure and innovative digital finance solutions.


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