KOBIL & Temenos

Securing Banks Around the World

When your software is trusted by more than 3,000 banks in 150 countries, the pressure is on. That’s why Temenos relies on KOBIL to deliver world-class security alongside its market-leading core banking software.

Our partnership delivers real-time and trusted digital identities, strengthened customer authentication and secure, reliable transactions powered by digital signatures. Through KOBIL Dual Security Channel, we also protect every communication between the system and the end-user.

Digital Identity for Temenos

Across mobile and desktop platforms, KOBIL's highly secure and user-friendly authentication and authorization processes are built using trusted digital identities. Our Smart Security Management Server protects all users and every interaction they make. Our PKI-based infrastructure also ensures every transaction is secure, binding and reliable.

Security for Temenos

Through our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach, we secure the digital and trusted identities of end users on seven different levels. End-to-end encryption and PSD2 compliance are guaranteed.

Our enduring Temenos partnership allows financial institutions around the world to combine the KOBIL security stack with the Temenos application stack. The results are clear: best-in-class security and identity infrastructure that secures devices, mitigates risks and strengthens authentication and authorization processes.

Micro Case Study

Bank of Abyssinia

When Temenos client Bank of Abyssinia needed a solution to secure internet and mobile banking access, KOBIL was proud to help it fulfil its ambitions.

Built by KOBIL, the new Bank of Abyssinia confirmation app enable clients to enjoy the latest generation of security standards in internet and mobile banking. Thanks to modern encryption techniques, a very high level of trust is achieved, in both online and offline mode.


million customers in Ethiopia.


Levels of protection embedded in our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach


KOBIL technology complies with the latest regulations

One identity for all

Use your identity seamlessly on iOS, Android, iPadOS, MacOS and Windows or IoT devices.

Compliant with all

Fully compliant with all industry regulations as well as certified and recommended by leading institutions.

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