KOBIL & Sopra Banking Software

Powerful Technology for the Banking Industry

The innovative core banking system offered by SBS Group to banks around the world, relies on KOBIL's industry-leading security technology to guarantee the veracity of authentication and authorization processes.

Our partnership has seen SBS Group harness the power of KOBIL Identity, KOBIL Shift to ensure the highest possible security standards for all its SBS clients.

Digital Identity for SBS Group

Across mobile and desktop platforms, KOBIL's highly secure and user-friendly authentication and authorization processes are built using trusted digital identities. Our Smart Security Management Server protects all users and every interaction they make. Our PKI-based infrastructure also ensures every transaction is secure, binding and reliable.

Security for SBS Group

Through our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach, we secure the digital and trusted identities of end users on seven different levels. End-to-end encryption and PSD2 compliance are guaranteed. Our enduring SBS Group partnership allows enterprises around the world to benefit from the KOBIL security stack. The results are clear: best-in-class security and identity infrastructure that secures devices, mitigates risks and strengthens authentication and authorization processes.

Micro Case Study

Monte Paschi

Italian bank Monte Paschi uses SBS’s Web Safe app, a white-labelled app from KOBIL, to protect all the online transfers of its retail banking customers.

Monti Paschi needed a PSD2-compliant solution for mobile and internet banking. This cloud-based, two-app approach confirms logins and financial transactions across mobile and internet banking.

It works by harnessing four key security elements: PKI-based authentication, KOBIL's Smart Security Management Server, the end-to-end encryption of KOBIL Dual Security Channel, and virtual smart card technology.


Levels of protection embedded in our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach


KOBIL Connect is fully compliant with leading industry regulations


Two-app approach for logins and financial transactions

One identity for all

Use your identity seamlessly on iOS, Android, iPadOS, MacOS and Windows or IoT devices.

Compliant with all

Fully compliant with all industry regulations as well as certified and recommended by leading institutions.

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