Trusted Identities for
SAP® Users

As a leading member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem, KOBIL delivers secured applications and trusted digital identities to enterprises around the world.

KOBIL Shift – available through the SAP app store – drives forward the digitization of business processes. It creates a 100% secure platform by combining trusted digital identities with functions such as user authentication and authorization, communication and collaboration, and document sending and signing.

Whether it is used for either internal communications or connecting with your customers or partners, our world-class technology helps to automate processes, reduce costs and lower customer friction.

Digital Identity for SAP

Across mobile and desktop platforms, KOBIL's highly secure and user-friendly authentication and authorization processes are built using trusted digital identities. Our Smart Security Management Server protects all users and every interaction they make. Our PKI-based infrastructure also ensures every transaction is secure, binding and reliable.

Security for SAP

Through our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach, we secure the digital and trusted identities of end users on seven different levels. End-to-end encryption and PSD2 compliance are guaranteed. Our enduring SAP partnership allows enterprises around the world to benefit from the KOBIL security stack. The results are clear: best-in-class security and identity infrastructure that secures devices, mitigates risks and strengthens authentication and authorization processes.

Micro Case Study

Healthcare Industry

For healthcare professionals, data integrity and confidentiality is key. That’s why integrating KOBIL Shift for secure communication and collaboration into the SAP EMR Unwired app has proven such a success.

In this pioneering ready-to-use app, mPower uses trusted digital identities, multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and PKI-based technology. Combined, they deliver secure communication and collaboration designed exclusively for the healthcare industry.

Doctors, professors and nurses enjoy increased productivity. Integrations into medical devices are available through APIs. And the delivery of real-time information immediately improves patient care.


Securely and digitally sign PDFs from the SAP document center


KOBIL Shift is fully compliant with leading industry regulations


Levels of protection embedded in our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach

One identity for all

Use your identity seamlessly on iOS, Android, iPadOS, MacOS and Windows or IoT devices.

Compliant with all

Fully compliant with all industry regulations as well as certified and recommended by leading institutions.

Secure your business today