KOBIL & Bank-Verlag

Redefining TAN Security Standards with Bank-Verlag

Serving the world’s wealthiest individuals requires world-class security. That’s why Bank-Verlag, the core banking and service provider for private banks, trusts KOBIL Identity to power its revolutionary appTAN procedure.

TANs are transmitted with 100% end-to-end encryption. Both the user and the device can be identified by the bank, meaning account access and transaction release has never been safer.

Digital Identity for Bank-Verlag

Across mobile and desktop platforms, KOBIL's highly secure and user-friendly authentication and authorization processes are built using trusted digital identities. Our Smart Security Management Server protects all users and every interaction they make. Our PKI-based infrastructure also ensures every transaction is secure, binding and reliable.

Security for Bank-Verlag

Through our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach, we secure the digital and trusted identities of end users on seven different levels. End-to-end encryption and PSD2 compliance are guaranteed. Our pioneering Bank-Verlag partnership allows enterprises around the world to benefit from KOBIL's security stack. The results are clear: best-in-class security and identity infrastructure that secures devices, mitigates risks and strengthens authentication and authorization processes.

Micro Case Study

HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt

Financial services company HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt, part of the HSBC Group, operates across Germany.

To maintain its position at the head of the market, it uses the Bank-Verlag appTAN app for the secure, sustainable and speedy transmission of TANs.

Available on iOS and Android devices, appTAN is powered by KOBIL Identity platform. It prevents man-in-the-middle attacks by using end-to-end encryption to transmit TANs only from Bank-Verlag’s authentication system.

It simultaneously bolsters security and cuts costs by eliminating the traditional expense of SMS transmissions or additional hardware.


Bank-Verlag founded to support the growth and success of private banks


KOBIL and Bank-Verlag successfully introduce appTAN technology


Online banking accounts supported by Bank-Verlag

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Compliant with all

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