Universal sign models from KOBIL ensure security, confidentiality and data integrity for business transactions on the Internet

Worms, August 12, 2019: With its innovative sign series, KOBIL GmbH, a company based in Worms specializing in Internet security, is launching a mobile platform for secure online transactions. Users of the digital hardware solution, which will initially be available in three model versions, can conduct all kinds of transactions via secure Internet access, independent of smartphone, desktop, operating systems or networking, and confirm them conveniently with just one click. Even their own sensitive applications can be integrated into the system. An independent security channel and a trusted server protect the entire communication environment.

The cases of data piracy, attacks by malware and security gaps in mobile business processes are rapidly increasing. With the sign devices from KOBIL, all online activities, especially signed transactions such as bank transfers, travel bookings or the conclusion of insurance policies by private or professional users, for example in public authorities, banks, insurance companies or health insurance companies, can be carried out with the highest level of data security, authenticity and confidentiality.

"Any kind of sensitive online transactions can be ensured with a high level of comfort using the three sign models signDot, signPod and signPad and their integrated Internet access", says Ismet Koyun, CEO of KOBIL GmbH. "Also with this platform we are pioneers in the upcoming demand for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) to reduce fraud risk as much as possible".

A highly secure communication environment between the protected app and the dedicated security server protects and controls the user side. At the first activation, every time the app is started, the KOBIL security server performs a series of remote checks on the protected solutions. Among other things, it checks whether the mobile app is really running on the originally registered device such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop or whether it has been copied to another device. These control and protection mechanisms prevent access by fake apps to online services or converted original apps.

KOBIL will be offering the three new models from October through banks worldwide. Their ease of use, high level of security and maximum flexibility make them unique on the market. They complement conventional mobile devices in security-relevant communication without replacing smartphones, for example. In particular, they are aimed at users who do not want to use a smartphone for these purposes for security reasons or who are not allowed to use them in a corporate environment.

The handy, user-friendly hardware solution in the version signDot is smaller and more compact than a smartphone. Just like signPod and signPad it offers highest security through a hardened operating system (OS) via the app. Communication is guaranteed by a specially developed hardware and a dedicated Internet channel including its own special data connection via IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology. Thanks to the APN network, there are no roaming charges for users and neither SIM cards nor an Internet contract are required. In combination with a 7-layer of security, the highest security standard is offered.

"With the integrated OS software and the encrypted channel, the user is protected against fishing and attacks by third parties. The identity of the customer as well as that of the digital end device is also secured. The devices are flexible, multi-lingual, multi-user and multi-banking capable," says Koyun.

The three models are distinguished by different functions: the "signDot" is compact and has a two-line color display with confirmation buttons for operation; the "signPod" can display transaction details with a 2.8 inch color multi-touch display; and the "signPad", as a tablet version, is equipped with a 7.9 inch color touch screen to display PDF or entire banking applications. It also has a "signPen" with confirmation buttons. In all compact, non-opening housings, a USB-C port is used to charge the battery. Transactions are confirmed using the three buttons (Power, OK, Cancel), while operation is via the touch screen. A mini camera is integrated for recording QR codes.

The user-friendly security hardware has only two buttons (red and green) to confirm transactions and the touch screen for operation. When the transaction is sent to the user for confirmation, the user logs in via his signPod, checks the transaction and releases it by clicking the button.

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