Worms, 26.06.2019. The answer to the questions of security in the digital age is announced by KOBIL GmbH with the world premiere “mPower”. The company from Worms offers a secure and binding digital communication platform on which companies can build their own ecosystem. An app can be used to quickly design new, innovative solutions or applications as service providers. Employees can log in anywhere at anytime, with their identities with all the partners in their eco-system to make their business processes quick and easy: ordering tickets, booking hotels or renting a car.

With “mPower” KOBIL wants to pave the way for insurance companies, banks, airlines, hospitals as well as start-ups, every end-user in the company, into a binding, secure, network and more efficient digital society. With mPower is guaranteed to legally communicate with each other. All data between customer and partner are secured according to the GDPR regulations. Everyone decides who gets which data.

“We offer a closed system platform that even start-ups can integrate their applications and we are sure that the next Google’s, Facebook’s, WhatsApp’s and UBER’s can emerge,” says Ismet Koyun, CEO of KOBIL.

With the mPower app, KOBIL customers such as insurance companies, banks and health insurances can use their own eco system. Physicians can create a new digital workplace when dealing with sensitive health data. They can safely consult with colleagues, exchange views without relying on WhatsApp, for example. Consequently, they have their own but safe WhatsApp. Orders in the pharmacy over medication do not fall into the wrong hands. A transaction from A to B is signed there.

mPower provides the secure connection between the business partners and retains control over their own data. Switching to this digital world is easy. KOBIL's mission is that all data remain in their own possession and not “fall into the wrong hands”. “We want to change the world with this technology. Many new, own ecosystems will be created. Who protects his business, builds his own eco-system is the winner and is not just the observer.”

To protect its digital identity, mPower focuses on liability and security, which integrates five technologies:

1. mIDentity – secure and binding identity

with proven AST technology: I AM, I KNOW, I HAVE, I SIGN.

2. mChat – secure and binding communication

A secure, real-time messaging system that is a proprietary and binding communication system for the business – all data remains secure in the enterprise.

3. mSign – secure and binding signature

Editing, signing, sending electronic documents, legally binding and secure with digital signature (PKI technology). It manages and controls all electronic documents securely and reliably.

4. mPay – secure and binding payment system

An in-house payment and payment system that can be quickly and safely adapted to new payment methods.

5. mBusiness – secure and binding business logic

Secure and binding communication with customers, partners and employees. Design security-relevant workflows and roll them out at the press of a button.

Ismet Koyun, pioneer of digital security and managing director of KOBIL GmbH in Worms: “Protect your identity, preserve your digital security, build your own digitalisation and your own eco-system with your customers and partners in which your personal information cannot be abused “.

About KOBIL GmbH

Today, KOBIL solutions are the standard for digital identity and highly secure data technology. Founded in 1986, the ever-expanding KOBIL Group, headquartered in Worms, is a pioneer in the smart card, one-time password, authentication and cryptography sectors. The focus of the philosophy is to enable a consistent Identity and Mobile Security Management on all platforms and all communication channels. Nearly half of KOBIL's employees work in development, including leading cryptography specialists. KOBIL plays a key role in the development of new encryption standards. Commerzbank, DATEV, German Bundestag, Migros Bank, Societe Generale, UBS, ZDF and many others rely on KOBIL.

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