Worms, September 1 – KOBIL is enhancing its patented m-Security solution's functionalities with 14-Layer Security Management and AI-Powered Risk Management for enhanced customer privacy. This significant advancement is part of KOBIL's steadfast commitment to delivering a superior digital experience while ensuring the highest level of security for critical industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, marketplaces, and tourism.

In today's digital age, businesses face escalating risks and cyber threats that can compromise sensitive data, financial transactions, and customer trust. As organizations across critical industries embrace digital transformation, it becomes imperative to prioritize cybersecurity and data protection. KOBIL's m-Security service addresses these challenges head-on, providing a comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding applications and digital assets.

The m-Security service is designed with a focus on risk management, encompassing a comprehensive 14-layer security management approach. Through continuous investment in research and development, KOBIL maintains an ever-evolving mobile risk management system that adapts to emerging threats and evolving security challenges.

In addition to protecting businesses, KOBIL's m-Security service also safeguards employees who rely on secure applications to perform their daily tasks. By providing a fortified digital environment, organizations can ensure the safety and privacy of their employees' interactions and data.

KOBIL's platform technology follows a 'secure by design' approach, ensuring that security is integrated into every layer of the digital experience. By providing highly trustworthy security services, KOBIL creates a safer environment for businesses and their customers to transact and interact securely.

Key Features of KOBIL's Enhanced m-Security Solution:

  • Risk Management: Thorough assessment and management of application risks to safeguard critical industries against potential threats.
  • 14-Layer Security Management: Multilayered security measures to protect against diverse attack vectors and vulnerabilities.
  • R&D Embedded Technology: Continuous innovation and improvement to stay ahead of the evolving security landscape.
  • Ever-Evolving Mobile Risk: Dynamic adaptation to emerging risks and real-time security challenges.
  • Customer Privacy Importance: Ensuring the utmost privacy and confidentiality of user data throughout the application lifecycle.

KOBIL's extended m-Business security solution empowers businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, providing a secure foundation for seamless digital interactions. By delivering top-notch security solutions, KOBIL fortifies critical industries and helps them embrace the opportunities of the digital age.

About KOBIL:

Since 1986, KOBIL GmbH has been revolutionizing security solutions as a leading technology provider. Offering cutting-edge solutions for application shielding, user authentication, transaction authorization, and more, KOBIL is a market pioneer in continuous identity and mobile security management. With over 500 employees worldwide and more than 100 million end users benefiting from its solutions, KOBIL is trusted by over 5000 stakeholders, from banks to SMEs and start-ups. KOBIL plays a vital role in the development of new encryption standards and has been recognized as a sample vendor in five Gartner Hype Cycles. KOBIL's solutions are trusted by some of the world's largest organizations, including Commerzbank, DATEV, and Société Générale.