The Minister was informed about the current state of development of the "KOBIL MyCity" SuperApp. She got information also regarding the experience and learning outcomes of Istanbul SuperApp launched in November 2021 to its 16 million citizens, the World's First Secure City SuperApp. It is empowered by KOBIL MyCity Secure SuperApp Technology and reached nearly 2 million users in its first years. The minister emphasized that digital applications play a significant role in the government's focus on "the cities of the future".

We would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors who joined us to discuss the future of urban centers and the role of digital applications. Thank you to Daniela Schmitt, State Minister for Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture, Adolf Kessel, Mayor of the city of Worms, and the members of the city administration, Tim Wiedemann, the managing director of the IHK Rheinhessen, and Prof. Dr. Eberhard Kurz from the Worms University of Applied Sciences for sharing their insights and perspectives.

She thinks that applications such as the MyCity SuperApp are an exciting development that offers a wide range of potential, from stronger networking of entrepreneurial offerings to administrative services. The goal must be to make the centers of cities and communities livelier and more attractive again as a place of exchange and togetherness and thus increase the quality of life, The Minister emphasized.

We would also like to extend our thanks to Minister Daniela Schmitt for endorsing the importance of digital applications for the future of urban centers and highlighting the potential of innovative solutions like the MyCity app. Your support is invaluable as we work towards making our cities and communities more livable, connected, and sustainable.


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