Just four months after the introduction of Germany’s national electronic patient record (ePA) app, more than 60% of the country’s health insurance market is now able to access ePA using KOBIL's solution – providing a secure, legally compliant system for tens of millions of users.

KOBIL's expertise and experience made it an ideal partner for health insurance companies. It had already implemented numerous solutions for two-factor authentication, secure identities, secure data and digital signatures – all within regulated environments such as finance and health.

And its user-centric approach to developing an identity and access management (IAM) system meant it was equipped to handle a range of implementation variants, including ePA in existing health insurer apps, standalone ePA apps and diverse activation processes.

The move to digital is creating new challenges for health insurance companies, including dealing with complex architectures, ensuring they comply with detailed and strict gematik specifications, and delivering a user-friendly system capable of recording and implementing the customer’s wishes and specifications.

KOBIL's solution enables health insurances companies and their clients to share sensitive healthcare documents in a system easily understood by all users. All permitted types of identification and know-your-customer (KYC) are possible. And because it is fully expandable and customizable, the solution saves health insurance companies the costs and headaches of building from scratch.

The solution also offers the end-user the right to control their profile via PINs and biometrics. At the same time, their identity and data are fully secured, and all legal obligations are met.