How KOBIL Protected 300 Million Transactions for Sparda-Bank Customers

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1.5 million

mobile banking customers safeguarded


secure banking transactions protected


start of partnership between Sparda-Bank and KOBIL

Introducing Sparda-Bank

Sparda-Bank is a German co-operative bank with a rich history dating back more than 120 years.

Founded in 1896 in Karlsruhe, it is today headquartered in Frankfurt. It has more than 400 branches, 6,100 staff and serves more than 3.6 million customers, with 1.5 million regularly using mobile banking.

Sparda-Bank prides itself on its customer-centric approach. For many years it has been among the leading banks in the Kundenmonitor rankings.


With an established user base of its SpardaApp already in place, Sparda-Bank had to guarantee and deliver the highest possible security standards after the January 2018 introduction of the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Sparda-Bank knew it had to protect both the finances and personal data of more than 1.5 million mobile banking customers. It sought an overarching solution that could deliver strengthened app security, stronger customer authentication and secured transaction authorizations in a single platform.


In 2016, Sparda-Bank entered a long-term digital security partnership with KOBIL. It chose to adopt a two-app approach to digital banking security, with banking transactions started in the SpardaApp or via internet banking before being confirmed in the SpardaSecureApp, which was created exclusively by KOBIL.

The SpardaSecureApp gives users a five-minute window to confirm a transaction (made in mobile or internet banking) via fingerprint, face ID or password. It is built using a powerful combination of trusted digital identities, virtual smart card technology, our Smart Security Manager Server and Digitanium, an end-to-end encrypted communication channel, offers comprehensive protection and security.

As well as delivering world-class technology, SpardaSecureApp also ensures the best possible customer experience. Sparda-Bank introduced it without hesitation.


Sparda-Bank’s mobile banking operations are now conducted in 100% compliance with PSD2.

Thanks to the SpardaSecureApp, more than 1.5 million mobile banking customers have benefited from increased security around their personal data and finances, while more than 300 million Sparda-Bank mobile banking transactions have been safeguarded.

KOBIL's digital security partnership with Sparda-Bank remains in place today as we continue to maintain some of the world’s most secure online banking practices.