Powering the My SBK App to Maintain Market Dominance for a Health Insurance Fund

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more than one million SBK customers across Germany


business clients using SBK’s health insurance fund


times SBK has been named ‘Germany’s most popular statutory health insurance fund’

Introducing SBK

Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse (SBK) is one of Germany’s largest company health insurance funds. In total, it provides health insurance for more than one million Germans.

Its 1,700 employees are spread across 94 offices, serving 100,000 business clients and constantly trying to build on SBK’s 100+ years of history and heritage.

SBK’s reputation is based on supreme customer service and a range of excellent services. In 2019, SBK was named ‘Germany’s most popular statutory health insurance fund’ for the fifth time.


Throughout its history, SBK has placed a premium on first-class advice and market-leading services. By taking time to understand and improve its own customers’ experience, it has built a formidable reputation at the cutting-edge of its industry.

However, to maintain that reputation it knew it needed to implement one of the market’s most effective digital strategies. But its three objectives of delivering superb digital tools, guaranteed security and seamless customer experiences are not easy to combine.


KOBIL software development kit (SDK) enabled and secured SBK’s My SBK mobile and desktop app.

The app includes several features designed to enhance the ease and speed with which SBK’s customers can use their accounts. As well as an online mailbox, the app can be used to access a bonus/loyalty program, order a new health card, get direct contact with your personal customer advisor, download your international health insurance certificate, and digitally send documents such as sick and study certificates.

Its advanced functionality also enables multiple users per device, and multiple devices per user. This means SBK’s customers can rely on My SBK wherever they are – a central factor in enhancing the company’s reputation for excellent customer service.

KOBIL's combination of world-class security features, including our Smart Security Management Server, PKI-based authentication, end-to-end encryption through our Digitanium channel, and our virtual smart card technology, proved key. They enabled SBK looked to strengthen its long-term prospects and secure its position among Germany’s most successful health insurance funds.


More than one million SBK customers can now access their accounts and critical health documents at the touch of a button, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

This has reduced the manual administrative burden at SBK’s offices and enhanced the company’s customer experience.

SBK and KOBIL continue to work together on the next generation of digital security solutions and remain determined to protect more than one million SBK customers for years to come.