How SAB Group’s Banking Clients Enjoy World-Class Security with KOBIL's mIDentity

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SAB AT clients able to access mIDentity


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Introducing SAB Group

Since its launch in 1989, SAB Group has designed, developed, installed, integrated and maintained solutions across the banking sector.

It has worked with retail, corporate and private banks to provide IT and security solutions across all major business lines, including private individuals, companies and private management.

Its offices now stretch from France, Spain and Monaco in Europe through to Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Tahiti.


SAB AT is SAB Group’s comprehensive, flexible, robust and innovative core banking system made up of more than 200 modules. As well as being fully configurable and responsive to any type of organization, SAB AT allows banks to serve private individuals, small businesses, companies and large multinationals with ease.

However, SAB AT was first launched in 2010. To ensure the both the ongoing confidence and compliance of its 200 clients, SAB Group knew SAB AT had to meet the authentication and authorization requirements of the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It also had to do this in a way that could be easily packaged and offered to its clients without difficulty or impediment.


SAB Group enlisted the help of KOBIL's mIDentity package, which includes both Trusted Login and Trusted Verify. This enabled the cloud-based operation of PSD2-compliant authentications and authorizations.

KOBIL also provided a white-labelled app – which SAB Group branded as its Web Safe app – along with all the necessary interfaces (APIs) for each client to protect online transfers in their internet banking services.

And, as ever, KOBIL's combination of world-class security features, including our Smart Security Management Server, PKI-based authentication, end-to-end encryption through our Digitanium channel, and our virtual smart card technology, was a major attraction as SAB Group looked to ensure the long-term success of SAB AT.