ProCredit Bank and Quipu Remove Significant Hardware Costs with KOBIL

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Introducing ProCredit Bank

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Frankfurt, ProCredit Bank in Germany is a “development-oriented commercial bank”.

Its focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises, where it aims to promote a culture of saving and financial responsibility among both businesses and individuals.

ProCredit Bank is part of ProCredit Holding, the parent company for a range of banks operating in south eastern and eastern Europe, Latin America, and Germany.


Quipu, the IT service subsidiary of ProCredit Holding, wanted to modernize the security technology behind its online banking services.

Its first objective was to reduce extensive hardware costs by eliminating the need to purchase and distribute transaction authentication number (TAN) generators for and to its online banking customers.

ProCredit Bank also sought a PSD2-compliant banking solution that would help it to achieve its goals of strengthening its app security, customer authentications and transaction authorizations.

However, customer experience remained paramount. While it wanted to achieve its goals, it wanted to do so in a way that did not put off existing customers or deter potential new customers.


Quipu chose KOBIL's two-factor authentication solution, as well as our transaction signature solution, to modernize the security technology powering its online banking services. This combination delivered a high trust, high security solution that eliminated TAN generator hardware costs and operated within all existing regulatory requirements.

KOBIL's technology is specifically designed to meet all obligations of the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It combines trusted digital identities with end-to-end security and advanced app shielding to ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity.

By harnessing KOBIL's two-factor authentication, part of the mIDentity platform, Quipu was able to replace outdated authentication models. Digitanium, KOBIL's end-to-end encryption channel, ensured complete protection and data confidentiality.

With a backend hosted on Microsoft Cloud Azure, we offer inherent flexibility and scalability, ensuring our long-term position as Quipu’s solution of choice.