Hardware and Software Security Enhancements for Consorsbank Customers

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SecurePlus Generator and the SecurePlus app both comply with the latest regulations

Introducing Consorsbank

Consorsbank is part of the French bank BNP Paribas. Founded in 1994, it is a direct digital bank with a proud record of innovation and development.

It operates across Germany and its products include credit cards, loans, savings and insurance. It also offers an online trading platform.


To update its systems and make them fit for modern-day operation, Consorsbank needed both new software and hardware.

Due to the arrival of the EU’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), it needed to replace its previous TAN generator with a confirmation device compliant with the latest regulations. It also needed a more modern and secure way of confirming financial transactions and logins across its mobile and internet banking services.


Consorsbank took a proactive stance in resolving its challenges.

It introduced a two-app approach to ensure secure logins and transaction confirmations across its mobile and internet banking services. KOBIL's white-labelled app, complete with Consorsbank branding and renamed SecurePlus, was given to BNP Paribas account holders with Consorsbank, BNP Paribas Wealth Management Private Banking, and DAB BNP Paribas.

At the same time, it also introduced KOBIL's SecOPTIC Token device for users unable or unwilling to use a smartphone app. This QR code reader was rebranded SecurePlus Generator. It delivers an improved user experience, fully complies with PSD2 and reduces costs by eliminating traditional and unsecured OTPs sent via SMS.

KOBIL's combination of app shielding, stronger customer authentications and protected transaction authorizations were key attractions for Consorsbank. These are delivered through our Smart Security Management Server, PKI-based authentication, end-to-end encryption and virtual smart card technology.


Consorsbank customers enjoyed enhanced security through the introduction of the SecurePlus app. It allows users to:

  • Generate TANs at home and abroad without a German telephone number
  • Release transactions anytime, online or offline
  • Enjoy the added protection of PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition

The introduction of the SecurePlus Generator was also a major success. Available for order in the KOBIL web shop, its implementation ensured KOBIL's expertise supported Consorsbank across both logistics and 100% secure payment services.