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Introducing AOK Systems


As specialists for integrated full IT services with a focus on statutory health and long-term care insurance, we are the orchestrator for strong solutions for customer communities and facilitators of individual digitization strategies. Our excellent business process know-how as well as statutory health insurance specialist knowledge are unique on the market and generate maximum customer benefit.

With seamlessly interlinking IT solutions, AOK Systems offers its customers a secure digital port from which they can reliably and securely network with all players in the healthcare sector.


The challenge was to implement a security solution according to the German Gematik requirements that ensure that the identities of our customers are protected from unauthorized third parties at all times. A multi-platform technology had to be used to integrate it into existing AOK apps and to use more than 20 different AOK offices in Germany at the same time.


AOK systems sought a security partner that could deliver seamless protection without negatively impacting on its user experience.

After a rigorous market assessment, it chose to enlist KOBIL's well know security software development kit (SDK) and his unique security server (SSMS) to create a virtual smart card on mobile as well on desktops based on patented security stack.

The need to operate a system on premise within the data center of AOK systems was mandatory which KOBIL fulfill perfectly. With his know how in Identity security and more than 1.000 clients world wide KOBIL delivers besides the software solution a very large project experience.

Security features:

Smart Security Management ServerPKI-based authenticationEnd-to-end encryption through our Digitanium channelVirtual smart card technology


By using KOBIL security solution, AOK systems got out of the box within a very short time a identity security solution fulfilling the needs of German Gematik 100%. This helped AOK sytems to focus on their business processes and rely on a partner for identity security topics with more than 35 years experiences