Jun 21, 2018

Being a work in progress for some time but only published recently is a study by the consultant company PAC on behalf of the Deutsche Telekom dealing with the question of why and what companies on the web invest in. The management summary of this study: “Web applications are advancing. More than 10 percent of all companies are planning the first use beyond of the external or internal communication. Today more than 60 percent of the companies are already providing web applications for mobile platforms – a fast growing trend. The number of mobile apps for sales or purchasing will increase by 40{d05ed2fcafd13be8f8206dca969478b02082b437556910654bb4db0d96a45814}. (…) Security, mobility and collaboration are the top drive for investments in web applications. (…) Security, individuality and agility are core requirements to the web application management in the digital age”.

No, KOBIL is not involved in this study. Although in summarizes exactly what we have never tired mentioning for quite some time: Web applications are imperative for the development of new business areas. Web applications first and foremost but not only support mobile solutions. Investments in mobile solutions have an essentially more critical success factor, the security of the solution.

Or to quote the study: „The relevance of web application is increasing significantly during the course of the digital transformation – especially in the areas beyond external and internal communication. Web application management in the digital age is more than the operation of websites, intra or extranets. It is a company-wide discipline with major relevance for the entire business success of companies. (…) Mobility support requested in many areas today is a clear growth trend and a major challenge at the same time – especially for the web application management. After all more and more applications for different platforms have to be developed and tested and their trouble-free and secure operation ensured – and all that with ever shorter development cycles and in general limited budgets. (…) Application management in the digital age not only has to meet the increasing demand for mobility and networking but has to take the increased requirements of data protection and data security into account as well. The increase in mobility and networking will after all result in more security risks.

We have nothing else to add. The study is available to anyone who would like to read it in detail. A registration is required to access the study for free at the following Link:


Murat Ayranci