Trusted App

The Next Generation of Application Shielding
What is Trusted App?

KOBIL Trusted App is a software development kit (SDK) for application shielding that can easily and quickly be integrated into any mobile development environment for immediate use.

Trusted App provides a fully secure environment for applications. Not only the app is protected but also the identity of individuals, all their sensitive data and entire communications.


KOBIL’s market-tested public-key infrastructure-based solution takes advantage of advanced security mechanisms such as hardening, shielding, protection, prevention, detection and reporting.

KOBIL’s “Dual − 7-Layers-of-Security” approach has integrated application shielding technologies that can be implemented in any application and run on servers, desktops, laptops and virtually any other device. Trusted App works hand in hand with the KOBIL Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) and ensures a secure execution environment before, during and after using the app and uses malware indicators for continuous real-time monitoring.

The SSMS is a certification authority with its own trust store, offering functions such as real-time session binding, update management, risk bits, virtual smart card and individual app blocking. In addition, integrity checks and mutual authentication are assured in real time through KOBIL’s second encrypted communication channel, the so-called Digitanium™ Channel.

Trusted WebView

The Next Generation of Web App Shielding
What is Trusted WebView?

KOBIL Trusted WebView is the software development kit extension to Trusted App. It enables you to apply security mechanisms to protect the web browser of your smartphone or tablet against attacks in real time.

In addition to traditiionally developed native apps, the development of hybrid apps is becoming increasingly important. For instance, KOBIL’s Trusted WebView allows its customers to automatically develop secure apps. Different security levels cover all common security vulnerabilities of a given web technology. Trusted WebView also complies with regulations such as PSD2 and DSGVO.

In the desktop version, Trusted WebView can be used on Windows or MacOS systems. For this purpose, we provide an independent client that does not require any administration rights for desktop operation, ensuring that your websites can only be accessed using a secure browser.


KOBIL Trusted WebView is the only global technology that requires only one app on a single device to meet the requirements for strong customer authentication and authorization of transactions. Trusted WebView is a mobile SDK that protects both native and hybrid (Webview) apps in a trustworthy and reliable manner. KOBIL exploits the integrated Dual-7-Layers-of-Security to combine elements of security, trust and communication based on digital PKI certificates and virtual smart card technology.

The technolgy is based on the Smart Security Management Server (SSMS), which acts as a trust center and performs real-time security checks. Trusted WebView can be used to create mobile apps using web technologies such as HTML, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

Trusted KYC

It has Never Been Easier to Onboard your Clients
Was ist Trusted KYC?

We facilitate onboarding processes for your clients, using our Trusted KYC based on Trusted App and Trusted Web. We integrate existing video or selfie onboarding solutions into our technology landscape. The remarkable aspect about this is remote activation after the actual selfie-ID procedure. We never rely on the mobile device. We secure all channels and interactions in real time to ensure client security.

We have succesfully integrated face and id recognition into our onboarding technology, allowing for ease of use without interruption.


KOBIL KYC enhancies your interactions with customers and gets you ready to make your services available 24 hours a day. This is the key to success in the modern era. Our KYC method, put to use in cooperation with partners from different segments, makes it possible for you to maintain high security standards at all times.

Commitment, the essence of KYC, requires the highest security standards. With our unique methods, your service offerings will live up to those standards.

Do you already have a KYC process in place? Talk to us, we will show you potential blind spots and eplain how you will benefit from our technology.