Jun 21, 2018

Digitalization and transformation put many IT departments with their given competencies, structures and development procedures to a tough test. Business Apps provide customers, business partners and employees with corporate data and abolish the business divisions’ traditional responsibility areas.

The specialized departments ask for a quicker development of new solutions and want existing applications to be adapted. They request for more agility in order to benefit from digitalization and to thus gain a competitive edge for your business.

Unfortunately, many specialized departments have only few concerns regarding security loopholes, identity or data theft and support issues related to the utilization of external applications (mobile, cloud, etc.). Sectors like marketing and communication, HR or sales enjoy more abilities for making purchases by themselves, because the internal IT department either cannot or does not want to provide them with adequate services.

Specialized departments spend excessively much money on external cloud-solutions like platform- or infrastructure-solutions and software-as-a-service (SaaS) (Mavericks-Buying) which the IT departments are not frown on. They fear adverse consequences when it comes to standardizing and automating your IT. Another risk is that shadow IT and new data silos might be established.

The IT department, which considers itself a business partner, plays a central role when it comes to presenting digitalization and governance for mobile transformation, mobile business and business apps.

KOBIL supports the CIO with its security platform mIDentity that provides top-level security for the challenges described above. For more than 25 years, KOBIL has been researching and developing in the cryptography sector. Based on this know-how, we created a foundation that enables the CIO to provide security on all levels (mobile, web and desktop) and to mobilize corporate processes safely.

Murat Ayranci