KOBIL provides an end to end trusted environment to run any web application or native application, using trusted identities. The Solution an End to End Fraud Management The attacks on the SWIFT network and the Dridex fraud cases from the ERP environment in Switzerland have shown that there is an urgent need for action for a holistic security concept in the area of eFRAUD.


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Identity and Access Management provided by KOBIL Systems

KOBIL offers a wide range of connectors and connections for IAM. Learn more about them here. IAM and a little more. IAM is a central element of every company. It manages identities, is responsible for access controls and manages users from different instances. KOBIL goes one step further here. In addition to the possibility of connecting to existing IAM systems from partners, there is also the possibility of a comprehensive solution package.


Everyone knows this process. Especially at companies, a very expensive and complex process.
With KOBIL there is now a very simple solution.
In conjunction with technology partners, we enable the pre-authentication of users on the phone. As part of an existing app, we connect into backend phone systems and thus enable a unique form of IVR authentication.
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