How We Support Your Business

The strength of Dual-7-Layers-of-Security results from a holistic approach consisting of 7 security levels. Up to now, companies have provided access protection without any protection of their applications nor device binding. Although, there are individual providers on the market for application shielding, user authentication, transaction authorization and digital signatures, but none of them provides a complete solution. In the future, companies have to create a solution consisting of different modules from different vendors. This includes high costs, administrative effort and a limited user experience.

KOBIL’s end-to-end security platform is a seven-level strategy that accompanies the entire process with only one technology. It is delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK) with the option of a whitelabel app, easy to integrate and instantly to use.

Multi-Purpose-Device Strategy

When a process relies on a multi-purpose device such as tablet, desktop or mobile phone, an additional security, trust and secure communication layer should be employed to minimize the risk that the device will be compromised. It is essential to ensure that the application or the device has not been changed.

KOBIL’s technology is developed for all platforms and applications. This provides end-to-end security, which detects, prevents and responds to the amendment of devices and mobile apps.

  • Multi-Screen Application
  • Multi-Screen Experience
  • Seamless Integration and UX Flow