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signX Family

Confirm Anything, Anywhere

Say goodbye to internet connection worries.

Confirm Anything, Anywhere
Introducing A True Pioneer

Travel without stress thanks to the world-first technology in KOBIL’s signX Family. signDot, signPod and signPad offer fast, effective and secure transaction confirmations from the palm of your hand. But what makes them unique is what’s inside: every device is fitted with built-in global mobile internet connectivity. So whether you’re in the heart of the city or the depths of the desert, you’re always in touch – and always able to confirm your transactions. Combine them with signID, the ID card reader for all your security approvals, and you’ve got every base covered.

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    The tiny device with a huge security impact

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    Transaction confirmations – wherever you are

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    A new world of user experience and authentication

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    Secure, mobile, tamper-proof identification

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Measurable Success
  • #1

    world’s first and only hardware solution without GSM card

  • 240+

    countries with internet connectivity

  • 7 levels

    protection embedded in our Dual-7-Layers-of-Security approach

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Allianz: Facilitating a Global and Off-Site Workforce with KOBIL Technology

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employees, all needing off-site system access

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logins for permanent staff and freelance support

  • As Common Criteria-evaluated PKI trust centers, KOBIL-Trust and KOBIL-Trust OCSP are renowned for their security. In fact, German governmental authorities use both for sovereign duties and ongoing protection. KOBIL-Trust is a multi-tenant CA, while KOBIL-Trust OCSP is used as a multi-tenant certificate validation approval.

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