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OTP Technology

Making OTP Fit for The Future

Better experiences and security for your colleagues and customers.

Making OTP Fit for The Future
A New, Simple and Quick Experience

No more complications: that’s the promise of KOBIL’s OTP Technology solutions. Choose from the software or hardware options of SecOVID. With simplicity at its heart, it’s the easy way to get security buy-in from all your employees. SecOPTIC Token comes from the same family: just take a photo, click and verify. That’s all that’s needed for this handheld device to eliminate the expense of sending SMS one-time passwords. Embrace the technology of tomorrow.

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    Making OTP fit for the future

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    Transaction authorization for low connectivity areas

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Hardware and Software Security Enhancements for Consorsbank Customers

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  • As Common Criteria-evaluated PKI trust centers, KOBIL-Trust and KOBIL-Trust OCSP are renowned for their security. In fact, German governmental authorities use both for sovereign duties and ongoing protection. KOBIL-Trust is a multi-tenant CA, while KOBIL-Trust OCSP is used as a multi-tenant certificate validation approval.

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