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Spring has finally come to Germany this week. In time for this change from a wintery grey to a spring green we gave the KOBIL homepage a complete makeover as well. With our new homepage we are up to date. According to Google 94 percent of all users in the USA use mobile end devices to surf the internet. Therefore we have now optimized our website for mobile end devices. The percentage of users who use search engines to find “whatever-it-may-be” is even higher. Thus our homepage is Google optimized. In addition the homepage has literally become more inviting. At many points the visitor is invited to make direct contact. Both can be seen at first glance, even better at a second.

What hopefully should be seen at a first glance: KOBIL proudly presents the one and only KOBIL Identity Blog! With this blog we welcome everyone to upload posts, news, links and much more regarding the topic of “Secure identity” and share it with others.

Fancy a blog? Then go for it. Taking part is everything that matters.

Oezguer Koyun