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The out-of-the-box card personalization for quick
and budget-friendly chip card production within
your infrastructure

The card personalization software

  • Ready-to-use software (no extra set-up, no configuration required)
  • Based on EAL3+ certified CA-components
  • PIN modus settings (e.g. transport PIN)
  • Audit-proof logging and approved security concepts
  • Based on international standards (e.g. RSA 2048 bit certificates)
  • Adjustable root- and subCA. Extendable subCAs.
  • Dual-control principle at implementation (2 PIN-protected chip cards to release the root-CA card for card production)

Anonymous digital user certificates

  • Anonymous certificates related to the chip card’s (unique) serial number
  • Adjustable user certificates (e.g. validity term)
  • Memory space for up to 4 certificates (production describes only one)
  • RSA-code length adjustable (recommended: 2048 bit)

The card and the card printer

  • Up to 1,000 chip cards per day and system
  • Automatic input, output and error slot for chip cards, controlled by the printer’s driver
  • Card production release by chip cards connected in dual-control principle
  • Automatic card ejection for faulty production. No production stop.

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