4smart SPACE

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The out-of-the-box card personalization for quick
and budget-friendly chip card production within
your infrastructure

4smart SPACE

The out-of-the-box card personalization for quick and budget-friendly chip card production within your infrastructure

  • The Solution

    You want to produce chip cards with certificates quickly, budget-friendly and without any problems? You don’t want to have to establish a complex PKI infrastructure? Are you looking for an effective solution to personalize chip cards that are not being activated before the users start using them? Are you currently paying a lot of money to have chip cards with individual certificates or identities produced by external partners? Do you need an out-of-the-box solution?

    4smart SPACE is the perfect product for you!

    Once configured by KOBIL, you will be provided with a solution for out-of-the-box card personalization that can keep it up with the big players. The functional principle is most simple and can be handled by just anyone in your team.

    Blank chip cards are inserted to one side of the printer – and are turned into anonymous chip cards that contain anonymous digital certificates. As name section, the certificates merely contain the chip card’s unique serial number.

    When it comes to 4smart SPACE, we rely on established and certified technologies that are also used by official certification bodies. We thus do not only provide you with a budget-friendly and efficient solution but also with a highly reliable one.

  • Your Benefits

    4smart SPACE perfectly replaces costly card personalization procedures. Apart from the uncomplicatedness we had on mind when we designed this solution, the two factors of reliability and mass production also played a significant role.

    When you start with 4smart SPACE, your certification hierarchies can be retained. Alternatively, we will set up individual root- and subCAs for you.

    You define the information you want to be part of the certificates produced.

    You define the validity term for your certificates. If used for advanced signatures, this might be up to 15 years.

    Produce anonymous identities the application allocates to users when they are used for the first time. This allows you to produce a stock of cards that you just have to use whenever a new card is being required. You thus won’t have to restart the card personalization line.

The card personalization software

  • Ready-to-use software (no extra set-up, no configuration required)
  • Based on EAL3+ certified CA-components
  • PIN modus settings (e.g. transport PIN)
  • Audit-proof logging and approved security concepts
  • Based on international standards (e.g. RSA 2048 bit certificates)
  • Adjustable root- and subCA. Extendable subCAs.
  • Dual-control principle at implementation (2 PIN-protected chip cards to release the root-CA card for card production)

Anonymous digital user certificates

  • Anonymous certificates related to the chip card’s (unique) serial number
  • Adjustable user certificates (e.g. validity term)
  • Memory space for up to 4 certificates (production describes only one)
  • RSA-code length adjustable (recommended: 2048 bit)

The card and the card printer

  • Up to 1,000 chip cards per day and system
  • Automatic input, output and error slot for chip cards, controlled by the printer’s driver
  • Card production release by chip cards connected in dual-control principle
  • Automatic card ejection for faulty production. No production stop.

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