the one-time password system
made in Germany

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The one-time password system
made in Germany!

The one-time password

In the digital world, authentication is not all – but without it, all is nothing. For this reason, we offer a budget-friendly entry-level solutions to secure the access to your applications (e.g.  Citrix, VPN, Outlook Web Access, etc.), both hard- and software-based.

The one-time password – as hardware solution

KOBIL offers also a key tag-compliant security token “SecOVID Token“. By pressing the button provided on the device it generates an 8-digit one-time password.


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Example: SecOVID (Outlook Web Access Login)

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  • What is SecOVID?

    It’s Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser protection

    SecOVID is a one-time password solution that comprises a client component (hardware or app for Smartphones) and a server component (Smart Security Management Server), which uses the RADIUS protocol to facilitate authentication by one-time password.

    For clients, KOBIL offers key tag-compliant security token “SecOVID Token“. By pressing the button provided on the device it generates an 8-digit one-time password. We furthermore offer a PIN-protected Smartphone app, which generates 8-digit one-time passwords to reinforce poor passwords with.

    Being an entry-level solution for secured access to applications, SecOVID provides maximum protection against unauthorized registration – all over the world. Wherever RADIUS can be connected (e.g. Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, etc.), this solution is easily integrated.

  • How will I benefit from SecOVID?

    May it be at your key tag or Smartphone – you always carry the right password along with you.

    • Allows for generating one-time passwords offline
    • Wide range of integration in applications thanks to RADIUS interface
    • User can own hardware and software token at the same time.
    • Event-based one-time password generation without problems like time-synchronization
    • PIN-protected software app. Hardware token can be additionally protected by server PIN.
    • Premium hardware with the market’s largest display
    • Web-based administration interface with options for SOAP connection to facilitate integration with existing systems
  • How can I use SecOVID?

    Basic condition for successful enterprises is access to applications at any time and any place. However, security aspect must not be disregarded because this might cause unauthorized access. Apart from traditional passwords, enterprises thus deploy powerful authentication techniques. In this context, costs play an important role for the implementation of powerful authentication. SecOVID is a tried-and-tested, budget-friendly, reliable and quickly integrated solution.

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