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Access protected websites from your app

Embedded secure browser view within your existing apps.
Helps to protect you against man-in-the-middle browser
and man-in-the-browser attacks.

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  • What is Trusted Web View?

    Protection from Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser

    Trusted Web View is a software development kit (SDK) that deploys security features to enable you to protect the system browser of Smartphones or tablets from third party attacks. This is not a ready-made app but a device that allows you to equip your proprietary app with the respective security features. For this purpose, Trusted Web View deploys the security features provided by our tool kit Trusted App. Apart from user identity protection, signing all transactions and log-in to websites, we will provide you with security features to protect your browser with. Trusted Web View allows for integrating your native applications with secured browsers in order to instantly publish already implemented websites on mobile devices safely. Third party-phishing attacks to draw your users on manipulated pages in order to steal their identity and/or misuse it is thus excluded.

    Integrate HTML5 elements with a Rich-Client app protected by Trusted Web View. Use our reference implementations to realize new platform-independent and responsive apps without having to develop and maintain a specific app for each platform.

  • The features of Trusted Web View

    Integrate a secured browser with your apps.

    Trusted Web View provides the below security features both, as SDK package and reference implementation. It is guaranteed to run on iOS and Android platforms – independent of the question if tablets or Smartphones are intended to serve as platform.

    • An individual protected certificate store for reliable certificates serves to verify server certificates and protect SSL sessions (HTTPS internet connection).
    • An integrated security display shows authentic messages to end users with signed responses. Crucial messages (e.g. sign-in data or transaction-related information) to be approved or rejected by the end user are not shown on the screens of standard mobile web browsers.
    • Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser protection
    • Separate security channel to transmit authentication and transaction inquiries
    • Security server Smart Security Management (SSMS) in the back-end serves to integrate existing work flows and processes
    • App security features to provide protection from third party attacks.
    • PIN protected secured log-in to protected websites and app access
  • How to use Trusted Web View

    The functional principle of the software development kit (SDK)

    It’s so simple! We will supply you with an SDK, a reference implementation for iOS and Android and with a backend-end security server. Thus equipped, you will be able to develop proprietary apps that benefit from the security features. Just integrate our SDK libraries with your development environment and instantly extend your app by new features: We’ll gladly support you.

    Once this has been accomplished, users will in future use your hybrid app and their own security features on mobile terminal devices to sign in to your services. All it will take to sign in is entering a PIN.

  • Trusted Web View for desktops?

    More security not only for mobile devices

    Our solution does not only provide a secured browser for mobile terminal devices like tablets or Smartphones. You might just as well deploy Trusted Web View on Windows or MacOS systems. For this purpose, we offer an independent client that does not require any administration rights to be run on the desktop. Your users can thus exclusively access your websites via secured browsers. Just as is the case with Smartphones or tablets, protection is ensured by security features. Invaders have thus no chance to steal user identities.

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