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Trusted App

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Trusted App

Trusted App is a SDK, which is easily and quickly integrated with any mobile app development platforms and instantly ready to use. Trusted App secures your mobile app as well as the identity of men, machinery and digital items. You can thus not only reliably protect your data from third-party access but also the entire communications and data traffic within your processes.

Trusted App fulfills highest security requirements approved by independent security institutions.

How it works – Five steps to app security:

 Based on our guidelines, App Designer integrates the SDK libraries in its development environment.

 The administrator registers the app with the database. The integrity test parameters that serve to check the app in a secured environment at the client’s premises are saved.

 The user starts the app for the first time. The app defines the integrity-check parameters and generates code pairs for certification inquiries. PIN & activation code are transferred to SDK. The data are transmitted via secured SSL data channel.

 Server verifies the app’s integrity and checks the activation code.

 A user certificate is being generated. The app encrypts its own certificate store and stores it in the SDK memory.

  • What does “Trusted App” mean?

    Trusted App is a software development kit that facilitates brand-new approaches towards the security of mobile applications, identity protection and process communication. The Trusted App solution will enable you to secure all kinds of mobile business processes and transactions on top level. Trusted App facilitates the secured mobilization of existing and new processes. And the best about is that the ease-of-use will be retained and you keep control of your app workflows.

  • How can you benefit from Trusted App?

    Out-of-the-box security features:

    • individual SSL protocol stack (transmission via independent security channel)
    • security sensors (jailbreak detection, code injection, anti-debugging)
    • device-related (copying app or data is infeasible)
    • integrity check (recognizes modifications of the app or its environment)
    • authentication by server (PIN, device, app, certificate)
    • integrated PKI technology (safeguards all security features)
    • code administration (secured access to your PIN and data)
    • 2-factor authentication via the connection  (device, app, user & server)
    • smart security management server (security management through the server)
  • How to deploy Trusted App

    Trusted App can be flexibly integrated with existing or intended applications in order to transact secured and reliable business processes that involve critical data via server in a professional manner on the (web or app). Trusted App is more than just a software development kit – it is the outcome of more than 25 years of experience in securing identities.

    Implementation examples:

    • used for payments realized by Deutsche Post with Paysmart
    • securing the transmission of sensible patient information via the German Health Net (Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz)
    • mobile banking – secured transactions on all platforms for current and future business realized by Migros Bank

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