The plug & play security browser
for your desktop users

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The plug & play security browser
for your desktop users

mIDentity mini

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Trusted Web View with token

  • The Solution

    mini is an extension to Trusted Web View and offers you the opportunity to provide your users with a plug & play environment in form of a UBS-device. This allows for establishing secure connection to your web services. Once removed, the device leaves no traces in the system. mini comes with an integrated flash memory, which is verified by the Smart Security Management Server (SSMS) and can be remotely updated to latest security features or functional optimizations.

    When establishing a connection or signing in to the web service users only have to enter the PIN of their smartcard to be instantly logged-on. The identity is verified by the SSMS. It checks the identity, the application in the memory and the user’s authorization before the user can connect to the web service.

    All this happens within a secured channel. The user’s identity is on the chip card and can thus not be used by third parties who do not know the PIN. Any misuse is thus reliably excluded.

  • Your Benefits

    The focus is on browser protection. Our reinforcement measures exclude manipulation by Man-in-the-Browser or Man-in-the Middle attacks.

    mini can be used with only one USB device on MacOS and Windows operating systems.

    Central management system SSMS will always keep your mini updated. This does not require any measures to be executed by the user. The server can be adjusted to possible mandatory updates that require instant installation (and thus prevent further use) or to updates that are to be realized and forced within a specific predefined period.

    The replaceable card provided in mini (ATOS CardOS 4.4) comprises a digital identity provided as certificate. It is used to ensure each transaction carried out is being equipped with a signature. This again serves to ensure all signatures are made by the user with mini and the related PIN of the smartcard.

    Generate smartcards with our 4smart SPACE system – an out-of-the-box smartcard production station for anonymized smartcards.

 mini Device

  • Plug & Play
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 & Full-Speed USB 1.1 Support
  • 16MB flash memory simulates a read-only CD-ROM
  • Replaceable smartcard (ATOS CardOS 4.4)
  • Certificates (generated by 4smart SPACE) 2048 bit certificates

Security Browser

  • Trusted Web View for MacOS and Windows operating systems
  • Security features of Trusted App
  • Secured channel for communication between SSMS and mini
  • No installation or configuration required


  • Device, user and CD-ROM app management
  • Security sensor test
  • SOAP interface
  • The installation software package that facilitates operation within your infrastructure
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