Air +

What You See is What You Sign

The Transaction Signature Token connected
via Bluetooth with your mobile Devices

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Air +




What You See is What You Sign–transactions signing on your mobile terminal devices


 Brief demo clip

Trusted Web View with hardware extension Air+

  • The Solution

    Air+ is a Bluetooth and USB chip card reader. It is able to communicate with KOBIL apps like Trusted Web View and to thus execute actions like log-in to secured websites or transaction signing.

    All security checks are controlled and verified by the Smart Security Management Server in the back-end. The outcome of transaction signatures are then transmitted to the enterprise application in order to complete to the action.

    Air+ can be operated on Smartphones, tablets or desktops. You can thus reliably serve your users in either world with only one technology.

  • Your Benefits

    Use Air+ on mobile terminal devices like tablets or Smartphones via Bluetooth or on desktop systems via USB port.

    Sign transactions and see the information to be signed on a 1.7″ TFT display.

    Use Trusted Web View and its integrated security features derived from Trusted App to secure the access to your website services.

    The replaceable card facilitates the device’s rollout independent of user identities. We also offer the appropriate card personalization system 4smart SPACE.


  • Bluetooth & USB Device
  • Chip card reader
  • 1,7″ TFT color display
  • Replaceable “micro SIM card”
  • Installation-free desktop operation
  • 8MB application memory read-only CD-ROM
  • Rechargeable battery

Security Browser

  • CD-ROM comprises the adjustable Trusted Web View browser
  • Browser protection from Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks
  • What You See is What You Sign. Sign your transactions on independent terminal devices.
  • Transaction signing based on digital certificates on the chip card


  • Centralized administration of devices, identities, application memories and security components.
  • Integration via SOAP in existing back-end systems
  • Provision of the software package required to run the security server within your infrastructure
  • Extendable by security modules (e.g. Trusted Login, Trusted Message Sign App)

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