Integration into your processes

Let’s start by adding a layer of security, communication and trust to your processes and link identity-related processes to your back end and front end.

Creating a safe environment

To integrate a user’s secure digital identity into this process, we first create a trusted environment, a secure communication channel and a virtual smart card.

Clear and binding communication channel

Let’s continue on our quest for a secure customer experience by creating the world’s strongest digital identity from a virtual, smart backend that is permanently verified.

Activating your customers

Once the trusting environment has been built, a clear and binding digital identity is generated in order to create business processes. We make onboarding of your customers a user-friendly, secure and confidence-inspiring experience.

Authentication & Transaction Confirmation

“Thanks to the KOBIL security architecture, you can now use the digital identity of your customers on all end devices and platforms with binding and verifiable effect. (Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop)

This is the most widely used login security solution worldwide.”

Standalone or integrated

Whether you use our technology to digitally sign transfers, transactions or payments, our technology keeps your processes always secure and binding.

Dependable customer communication

With KOBIL, you have the opportunity to create completely new and innovative communication channels with your customers. Forget SMS, email or other non-secure or not legally compliant communication channels. Simply use KOBIL technology because it meets all your requirements!

Our digital journey never ends!

Whatever you want your new processes and functions to be, we can help you create a secure environment, secure communications, unique identities, and engaging interactions.

Want to hear more? We‘re here for you.

Advanced security made in Germany
  1. Secure Device
  2. Secure App & Web
  3. Digitanium Channel
  4. Smart Security Management Server
  5. Virtual Smart Card
  6. Trusted Identity
  7. Digital Signature


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