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Kuveyt Turk customers opted out of SMS for KOBIL m-Identity Protection on mobile banking

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Kuveyt Turk continues to improve security measures for its mobile banking service with KOBIL’s mIDentity Protection (AST) solution as the bank deployed advanced technologies into its infrastructure in line with the need of its customers. Kuveyt Turk costumers who own iPhone and update existing mobile banking application on their mobile device will now have access to banking system more easily and securely through mIDentity Protection secured messaging infrastructure.

Utmost security on mobile banking

Kuveyt Turk developed an innovative banking application to improve user experience and ensure ease of use for mobile banking customers and reinforced security of the application with KOBIL’s AST security solution.

mIDentity Protection (AST) solution ensures an interactive and secured communication between the bank and its customers as it further strengthens the security of the website and mobile applications through dual-factor authentication with a security layered software. Furthermore there is not any risk of cyber-attacks for the customers who are making transactions on public computers, tablets or smart phones without a firewall.

KOBIL Turkey Country Manager, Umit Yasar Usta, explains this security breakthrough and AST solution: “AST is a system that provides protection for devices against bootleg copies, theft and other manipulations. Unlike other solutions it prevents security negligence of end users by automating most of the security checking in addition to providing automated security. Our solution, which we integrated with Kuveyt Turk’s IT infrastructure, is equipped with the latest security algorithms for device control, licensing and user input. Nine banks in Turkey use AST. It is also preferred at many financial institutions abroad particularly in Switzerland and Germany.”