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KOBIL Trusted Verify provides secure and trusted customer authorization for frictionless interactions in a secured execution environment. By providing PKI-based digital signatures, your company can be sure of the customer’s digital action. With KOBIL Trusted Verify, the replacement of SMS and OTP is easily possible while focusing on the balance between trust, cost and unique user experience. The “Dual-7-Layers-of-Security” approach is based on KOBIL’s Smart Security Management Server and its own Digitanium™ Channel which are continuously protecting the users, apps, devices and business workflows in any scenario.

This approach helps organizations to meet the strict regulations such as PSD2, GDPR or eIDAS even for transaction authorization with only one app and one device. This makes it unique in the way that KOBIL enables organizations to expand the scope of their digitalization use cases by introducing a high trust environment which improves the user experience and user interaction at the same time.


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