KOBIL Systems, the manufacturer and market-leading trendsetter of innovative technologies in the data and digital identity sector, is a long-standing strategic partner of DATEV. KOBIL supports the IT service provider DATEV with security technology innovations such as the smartcard-based KOBIL mIDentity. The new KOBIL mIDentity Air+ will allow the members of the service provider to securely retrieve, save and use information with a higher data security class via smartphone and tablet PC in the future.

The software and IT service provider for tax consultants, accountants, lawyers and their medium-sized client DATEV, requires a highly secure connection for specifically developed applications on iPhone and iPad, which enable access to content in the Cloud. The mIDentity Air+, which as a card reader, contains a smartcard in Micro-SIM format developed in close collaboration, provides this highly secure connection. The iOS devices and mIDentity Air+ communicate with each other via the radio standard Bluetooth. Since the Bluetooth Standard itself does not guarantee secure transmission, end-to-end encryption was implemented by means of secure messaging. The downloaded data are stored securely encrypted on the iOS devices and are only accessible using the smartcard in the mIDentity Air+, i.e. the user must have the smartcard with the mIDentity Air+ on him and enter the PIN of the smartcard to be able to also read the documents “offline” and possibly edit them.

The mIDentity Air+ can also be connected to the PC via USB and used there as a smartcard reading device for the DATEV card, i.e. it is a universal solution that bridges the world of mobile and stationary (desktop/notebook) devices.