Worms / Weert, 25.07.2014. KOBIL, a market leading pacesetter in the production of innovative technologies in the data and digital identity sector, will operate a Trust Center with UniQ-ID based on KOBIL mIDentity Processing, with a certified CA, and fully certified to STORK 3 and 4 level (Advanced and/or Qualified).

The Trust Center is the core for offering trust and security based on identities, not only for people but also for the internet, such as hardware and software, the identity of things. Uniquely authorisation is also added at the same security level and basic operations such as secure mail and secure storage.

,,We offer identification, authentication and, quite unique authorisation at the highest available level” according to Mr. Frans Bolk, CEO of the Dutch based UniQ-ID. Services can be offered as a private label or managed, or as a project.

Mr. Thomas Balgheim, Corporate Officer of KOBIL, states that the combination of the proven KOBIL PKI Solution and the identity management knowledge and know-how of UniQ-ID offers a “worldclass” cyber security service.

This Trust Center can bring serious security to any institute or organisation that is in need of an Identity Management solution, fully based in Europe.