Everyone knows the annoying calls at a call centre. First, the interactive voice response system asks for a customer ID and the reason for your call. Then the customer waits for an available agent. The agent also asks for a customer ID and poses additional security questions in order to identify the caller as who he claims to be. If the customer has to be put through, unfortunately the whole thing often starts over again.
KOBIL and Jacada now step up to rid the establishment of contact of these frustrating elements. For this purpose, a mobile app by Jacada offers the customer the possibility to retrieve information at a “click”, to be put through to persons in charge or to arrange a call-back. Waiting times can be avoided, as the customer is informed of when the agent will be able to take his call. Distinct identification and therefore a high degree of security is ensured by KOBIL’s mIDentity Protection software, which is integrated in the Jacada visual IVR. The user logs on to the Jacada app, the KOBIL server verifies the login data, the app’s authenticity, the connection to the mobile device and identifies the customer clearly and authoritatively. The integrated solution is marketed by both companies and will first be offered to companies from the fields of banking, telecommunications and industry.
With the joint solution, calls will be authenticated more quickly. Security will increase for the caller and the customer. In comparison to more traditional interactive voice response systems, the combination of Jacada visual IVR and KOBIL’s mIDentity Protection abbreviates a call by at least 20 percent. “At the same time, the solution not only saves time and money on the part of the companies, it also clearly enhances the customer’s experience, as all security questions can be omitted,” explains Dirk Rössig, Head of Solutions Management at KOBIL Systems. Mr Rössig emphasizes the partnership’s strategic dimension: “We jointly position this solution on the market and we can envision further products where we will work together.”