Intertech’s first customer that will adopt KOBIL security solutions will be DenizBank. DenizBank is acquired by Russian banking giant Sberbank in 2012 and is one of the biggest private banks in Turkey. Intertech and DenizBank will integrate KOBIL Application Security Technology (AST) for secure mobile banking and 2-factor authentication on multi-channel banking. KOBIL’s AST is an enabling technology to work with digital certificates on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and all types of devices (Smart Phones, tablets, PCs). Intertech and DenizBank also preferred KOBIL SecOPTIC as a replacement of Vasco one time password (OTP) tokens to counteract the latest man-in-the-browser attacks on end users PCs. SecOPTIC is the new OTP technology which serves to safeguard the security of transaction data by signing what you see (WYSIWYS) on device display.

The latest development from IT-Security Manufacturer KOBIL is in the form of user-friendly, innovative and modular platform, ‘Application Security Technology (AST)’. Its modular functionality allows it to tie in additional services as needed, such as mobile payment, e-commerce, and secure messaging. The server provided by KOBIL (SSMS) securely combines the banks’ core system with all desired modules. The innovative Secure Dual Communication Technology (DCT), completely separating the actual transaction from the authentication, is precluding an attack by hackers, ensures that security is always at the highest level despite the bank’s large number of new opportunities. In conjunction with the security server and technology update, the solution is capable of responding to rapid future threats and not only guarantees the highest level of security, but also investment protection. The IT-Innovation award presented to KOBIL in 2012 by The University of St. Galen and University of Zurich is further acknowledgement of this globally unique solution; KOBIL AST.

About Intertech
Intertech, which is a subsidiary of Sberbank, was established in 1987 primarily to provide the finance industry with a wide range of Information Technology services with a superior product and service quality. Approximately 650 professionals, especially specialized in the financial sector, are working for Intertech. Having lots of local and international awards, Intertech proves an invincible internal cooperation. Since it was established, Intertech developed four Core Banking Packages that were used in many domestic and international banks. Core Banking, Business Process Management (BPM), Alternative Distribution Channels Management (ADC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are Intertech`s specialized working areas. Factoring and leasing applications are also some of other expertise areas of Intertech, which nowadays is focusing on some innovative mobile applications and social media banking platforms such as Facebook banking and Twitter banking. For about a quarter century, Intertech gained so much experience to create next-generation integrated solutions and services by using the most recent technologies for the customers who want to have much more competitive advantages in the market.