Düsseldorf, November 18th, 2013. The Deutsche Gesundheitsnetz (DGN) has developed an application doctors can use to access the lab results of their patients promptly while being on the move via their smart phones. In order to protect the transmission of this sensitive information against unauthorized access or manipulation, the Application-Security-Technology (AST) of the IT-Security provider KOBIL Systems has been integrated into the app. On the medical fair MEDICA in Dusseldorf, Germany, both companies will demonstrate how the mobile lab data transfer will work with the new app “iLDT” at the booth of DGN in Hall 15, booth F18. With iLDT the fully automatic access to lab results via the GUSbox is now available even outside the practice rooms and beyond consultation hours. The new app is sending the current results of various labs that the doctor is working with, as a push notification to his smart phone. “Doctors have to be informed about lab results that, in particular, either indicate life threatening conditions or notifiable diseases quickly”, says DGN managing director Armin Flender. “Thanks to iLDT doctors are now able to react quickly and to take measures immediately.” Lab results are displayed in a clear and organized way for each patient – as numerical value as well as a bar highlighted in traffic light colors. “At a glance the doctor is able to determine which results are at a read, meaning a pathological level”, explains Flender. “With a click on the respective result, the doctor receives additional information regarding the examined parameters. The function “Dial patient” immediately starts the dialing process without the need for a lengthy search in a contact list. The data accessed with a mobile device are stored temporarily on the GUS box, are, at the same time, available to the practice network and are automatically assigned to the patient file on the practice management system. Up to nine laboratories or laboratory joint practices can be set up for lab data access. In order to use the mobile app the doctor must first authenticate himself with a four digit security code. “With the digitization of confidential patient data, securing said data is a top priority”, emphasized Ismet Koyun, CEO of KOBIL Systems. “With the unique two factor authentication of the KOBIL AST technology the security of the identity as well as the transmission of the LTD files is ensured at any time.” The strategic cooperation with the DGN should also contribute to make the health care more mobile and at the same time the data more secure. The iLDT will presented at the DGN booth F18, Hall 15 on the medical fair MEDICA, which will take place from November 20th – 23rd, 2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany

About DGN

DGN stands for DGN Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz Service GmbH. Founded in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1997 the company operates healthcare related intranet platforms, which under special protective measures connect networks with the internet. As early as 2005 DGN had been certified as KV-SafeNet-Provider and has been operating the broadband KV backbone since 2009, which connects the German Federal Association of SHI Physicians (KBV) with the Physicians associations in a broadband network. Since 2007 DGN is also a trust center accredited by the German Federal Network Agency and is among the market leading telematics service providers in the German healthcare sector. Based on state of the art communication and security technology the company develops custom solutions for application oriented networking and the realization of electronic transactions – and is thus forming a basis for modern eHealth applications.