Germany trusts in KOBIL: KOBIL Trust Center HS at the German Federal Network Agency

The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur (BNA)) not only regulates the Mail and telecommunication market, it is the also the highest authority for electronic certificates in Germany. In accordance to the German Digital Signature Act (SigG) the BNA issues certificates to providers of certification services. These service providers, in turn, provide end customers with electronic certificates and signatures. All qualified certificates of accredited providers can be fully traced back to the “Root Certificate” of the Federal Network Agency.

In addition the BNA provides a directory and revocation service. The directory service is available around the clock, offering online certificates and blacklists for download or the status check of certificates.

Therefore the trust center for the management of these certificates at the Federal Network Agency is subject to the highest standards of availability and scalability. The top priority however is put on the uncompromising highest-level security standards that the trust center has to support.

A solution of a German specialist for IT security is meeting these requirements – the trust center solutionKOBIL Trust Center HS of the KOBIL Systems Gmbh, Worms.

KOBIL Trust Center HS has successfully been in use at the Federal Network Agency since 2003. The entire solution is highly available. It is also designed to be redundant consisting of two systems working in parallel only.

KOBIL Trust Center HS uses its own crypto library which among other things allows for the use of innovative security mechanisms such as the elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).KOBIL Trust Center HS is subject the “Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation” and meets all requirements of the German Digital Signature Act.

“Even with the basic setup the software of FlexSecure already fulfils the major requirements of the Federal Network Agency”, says Reinhard Ochsenkühn (T-Systems). “It is of modular design and is therefore not just easy to scale but can also be prepared for the use of security algorithms. From our point of view it therefore provides an excellent base for customer specific solutions”.