Aug 13, 2014

KOBIL, a market leading pacesetter in the production of innovative technologies in the data and digital identity sector, and Deniz Bank, one of Turkey’s leading banks, expanded their cooperation with an innovative activation. Deniz Bank customers can now access their bank accounts on their mobile phones with only a tap, thanks to the TekŞifre technology that has been integrated into Deniz Bank’s mobile banking app MobilDeniz in order to make banking transactions more practical.

TekŞifre aims to facilitate the banking transactions of those Deniz Bank customers who prefer to use ÇizGir nano-pixel technology to access the system, especially via MobilDeniz app.

Deniz Bank customers can use their current usernames and e-passwords or one of their ÇizGir options to log on to the AçıkDeniz Internet/Online Banking system. However, in order to use “TekŞifre”, the users should specify a password before identifying TekŞifre as the default access point for the system. After activating TekŞifre, the users can safely gain access to their bank accounts with only a tap and easily complete all their financial transactions on their mobile phones, especially without ever receiving any SMS validation.

KOBIL’s innovative Application Security Technology mIDentity and TekŞifre integration provide a stronger infrastructure for mobile banking where customer safety is at utmost importance.

KOBIL’s expertise in mobile app security

The main difference of the mIDentity Protection solution, which ensures security of operations at numerous banks abroad, the large majority of shares being in Swiss and German banks, is that it automatically performs the majority of security operations thus providing the utmost convenience for the end user. In addition to two-factor authentication, the solution secures the banks’ websites and mobile applications with a software security layer. Thus the customers do not encounter the risk of cyber-attack whilst performing operations, even on public computers and smart phones not equipped with firewall software. KOBIL’s solution, designed to work on all platforms and devices including iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows 8 PCs, automatically ensures security, thus eliminating the end user’s possible concerns and greatly benefiting the banks through increased customer satisfaction.