Jul 09, 2018

WORMS – 04. July – For more than 15 years is KOBIL Systems GmbH, the leading international security expert from Germany with the headquarters in Rhineland-Palatinate – more specifically, in Worms.
KOBIL’s solutions today are a standard for trusted digital identity, high-security, and reliable communications. The innovative security solutions are successfully deployed to customers and partners in the financial services industry, industry, insurance and government.

Against this backdrop, Mr. Ismet Koyun, founder and CEO of KOBIL Systems GmbH, welcomed today Prime Minister Malu Dreyer at the company headquarters in Worms. Together with Michael Kissel, Lord Mayor of Worms, the Prime Minister exchanged views with the experts from KOBIL.
The focus of the visit was the topics of IT and data security, defense strategies and the challenges facing German companies and authorities, in the federal and state governments.
“For a long time now, digital transformation has not only simplified our lives, but has redefined our need for security and independence,” explains Ismet Koyun. At the same time, companies and government agencies must ensure that criminal and malicious forces do not exploit digital exposure and cause damage. I am therefore very pleased that the Prime Minister has decided to visit us and that not only we have been able to present our expertise, but we can also advise her on important cybersecurity issues. “

KOBIL solutions have set a benchmark in digital identity and high-secure data technology. Founded in 1986, the KOBIL Group is headquartered in Worms, Germany and is a pioneer in the fields of smart cards for hardware and software, PKI technology, authentication and cryptography. The core of KOBIL’s philosophy is to empower complete identity and mobile security management on all platforms and communication channels. KOBIL’s unique “KOBIL Dual-7 Layers of Security” ensures a secure and confidential environment for the implementation of digital business processes. Nearly half of KOBIL employees work in software development with specialists in cryptography. KOBIL plays a crucial role in the development of new encryption standards. Companies such as DATEV, AOK Systems, BITMARCK, Sparda-Banken, Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft (KD), Migros Bank, Société Générale, UBS, ZDF and many others put their trust in KOBIL.