Jun 03, 2015

KOBIL Systems works at full speed on internationalizing its marketing and sales activities – especially in the US, the mobile security platform provider wants to significantly expand its activities. At the same time, KOBIL is expanding its product platform to facilitate more efficient and reliable cross-corporate cooperation in so-called “eco-systems”. For these functions, the company managed to win highly decorated and experienced IT and marketing expert Silvia Besslich.

“Mrs. Besslich has got the experience, the network, the management skills and the expertise required to advance and to realize our internationalization strategy“, founder and CEO Ismet Koyun explains. “She will mainly be engaged with improving our market presence in the US and in Asia“.Koyun considers especially the US market particularly important. “When it comes to software, the US is still seen as innovation driver. By expanding its business over there and expanding its presence on the US market, KOBIL intends to benefit from this image without having to lower our expectations towards the security and quality level. For this purpose, we will deploy our new eco systems-offers that are capable of securing cross-company cooperation scenarios”.

Before the KOBIL job, which will start on 1 June 2015, Besslich was a member of Strato AG’s executive board from 2003 until 2010. Apart from the marketing, her functions back then also comprised responsibilities for the sales sector. Then she worked as business executive for the international security software producer AVG where she was highly successful in establishing the digital sales sector for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For several years, she has been consulting numerous leading, internationally active technology enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom, SOFORT AG, Open-Xchange, ACTANO, and payleven.

“It is a most attractive challenge in a highly promising market that I will be able to assume for KOBIL “, says Besslich. “The markets IT and security experience a most dynamic development. It is due to digitalization, industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things that mobile security issues are set even more in motion and companies as well as end consumers become increasingly aware of them. By now, nearly everyone knows how crucial identity and reliability are for digital economies. That’s why I feel like being at the right at the right time, here with KOBIL”.